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+++ Breaking +++ Cable to oppose Withers becoming LPUK leader

UPDATED: Andrew has now made a statement, published in the next post.   +++ Breaking +++ Secretary of Business, Innovation & Skills Objects To Andrew Withers Being Leader of the Libertarian Party. Quote From emailed letter received from Vince Cable’s … Continue reading

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Beyond May7th – Keeping Liberty alive

It is six months now since I resigned my leadership of the Libertarian Party UK, and 3 months since I let my membership lapse. I had good reasons to step back, let others take the reins and refrain from getting … Continue reading

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Happy New Year from IPJ

To begin I would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year, along with my profound hopes that 2010 will be a better year in terms of rolling back the state and its influences for everyone.

The maintenance and upgrade work that I had planned over the Christmas period for PJC Journal has now been completed, so this blog will be on air 24/7 for 2010 and will return to the aggressive style of investigative digging, highlighting the massive misuse of power being taken by those in unelected positions… Continue reading

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Dan Hannan – Dan is not the man..

The Euro Federalists are in a hurry. They are seeing the disquiet and anger building in the UK at the lack of democracy, with leader after leader denying them a say on our future with the EU. As the anger mounts amongst the public, the Euro Federalists are moving ever quicker to ensure that the Britain we know and love can never escape the clutches of the new empire. Continue reading

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Who do you believe – Brown & Al Gore or your gut instincts?

There are 2 things in the news today that caught my interest. The first is Gordon Brown’s incessant calling for a World Banking system, The second centres around the Copenhagen talks on Global Warming. Continue reading

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