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Andrew Withers vs Vince Cable – the saga continues

I have previously blogged here about the trials and tribulations of my friend and political colleague Andrew Withers. Following is a statement issued today by Andrew updating us on his fight with the British state. It seems that the Tory/Lib … Continue reading

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+++ Breaking +++ Cable to oppose Withers becoming LPUK leader

UPDATED: Andrew has now made a statement, published in the next post.   +++ Breaking +++ Secretary of Business, Innovation & Skills Objects To Andrew Withers Being Leader of the Libertarian Party. Quote From emailed letter received from Vince Cable’s … Continue reading

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Liam Fox is giving us Nudge

There are 3 word identical articles today, The Times (which I wont link to because I refuse to use the paywall), The Guardian and the Express. All carry the same headline – Britain, France plan defence pact. Its bullshit, a … Continue reading

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Its a question of National Security

When this story appeared in the Guardian yesterday, it is easy to gloss over the offer by France to operationally merge our nuclear submarine capabilities as purely an economic matter, but as we have seen time and time again, moves … Continue reading

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Defence & Security: Is it British?

As one of the big stories about today is the Defence Review I considered that it worth discussing. In particular one item that hit the blogs back in February is the ‘suggestion’ that UK troops be used on the streets … Continue reading

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