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ACTA – The greatest power giveaway in History

Updated 25/11/10 Well the dumb-asses went and did it. MEPs passed a resolution effectively approving the ACTA with 331 votes in favour, 294 against, and 11 abstentions. Sovereignty. It is one of those rights that you are born with, that … Continue reading

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Extradition Treaties – More EU deceit from UK Government

The Home Office is to announce a review of UK extradition agreements with other countries, including the controversial and some say unbalanced agreement with the United States. This represents a provisional success for campaigners against certain extradition agreements. According to … Continue reading


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Chief Scientific Advisor – EU

In these harsh economic times, there are just some things that no longer seem essential, if indeed they ever were essential. The President of the European Commission, the portuguese Maoist, José Manuel Barroso announced plans in March to recruit a … Continue reading

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Authority vs Power

In the world of politics, having the authority does not necessarily mean you have the power, and having power does not automatically give you the authority, but our lives are governed by those with the power, and most powers in … Continue reading

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