Gold & Silver bullion – what’s going on?

A very good question. This evening I happened upon an article about DSK written by James Higham, which has outlined how the US government has trumped up the charges that DSK has faced, not to do with his infidelity, but to stop him asking the VERY awkward questions.

Not just him, but another international Banker, a friend of DSK, is suffering the same fate as we speak, all because there have been concerns within the IMF about US delays in providing gold for auction.

Rumours have abounded for some time that there is no gold left in most major treasuries, or what can be seen is really gold plated bars of lead or zinc, that even gold stockholders are only issuing paper certificates but not handing over the physical gold, and that sooner or later governments would have to start hiding this and covering up through control and legislation.

Earlier today I received an email linking me the site of a Gold Bullion dealer who is equally concerned, not with the disappearing gold, but by a new law that has been passed in the US (Dodd-Frank Reform and Consumer Protection Act) which forbids and restricts certain kinds of gold and silver trading effectively making it illegal.

At first I though the email was just another round robin style story, but now.. well now I’m not so sure. Perhaps Ron Paul’s calls for audits of the Fed, US Treasury and especially Fort Knox are right on the button.

Perhaps an audit of the Bank of England is also long overdue.

You can read the two items here.

What did DSK discover in America?

Bullion Will Now Be Illegal for ALL U.S. Residents

You will as always draw your own conclusions, but if the US is going to financially implode on July 15th, I am sure TPTB would want it to be preceded by unrest, (some will no doubt say black ops), on July 4th as official paranoia reaches fever pitch in law enforcement circles.

Have a great weekend.

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