As Cameron & Co become even more EU centric.. is a reminder from my original post last August, that you can find all the background on government plans, u-turns and policy bull when you read the news direct from the EU.

Unfortunately is like listening to a Soviet newsreader with all the committees, sub committees, directorates and workers groups, or statements from the umpteen presidents, but because its updated every hour, you get to read the news, policy decisions and directives before the UK civil servants & politicians have had a chance to spin it or present it as their own work.

Then and only then can you really see that what Cameron & co are dishing up to the British public three or six months later is policy written elsewhere, from the NHS plans, railway ‘investments’ and routes, the post office sell off to weekly bin collections. It’s not Tory, its not even LibDem.. it is all, and I mean all, EU policy wrapped up in British political bullshite for local delivery. (which the MSM then cut and paste!)



Posted on August 30, 2010 by IanPJ


Information is power, we all know that, but until now in the UK the politicians and the media have had a virtual monopoly on information coming out of the EU, and on the way in which it is shaped and presented.

Well that is about to change. The Albion Alliance have set up a site to bring you information and news direct from Brussels, as soon as possible after it is published, and wherever possible, in its raw state.

No bias, no spin, no editing, no shaping or nudging, just raw data from all the main agencies of the EU. The president, the European Council, the Commission, the Directives, Regulations, Acts, Opinions and Decisions, the Committee of the Regions, the European Central Bank, the European Investment Bank, the Economic & Social Committee, the European Ombudsman and even news about SEPA. (what’s SEPA I hear you ask!)

Read it raw, make your own mind up. The politicians are going to hate us.

As the system settles down, more links will be added to give an even wider picture of what is going on around the EU. The layout and font will not suit everyone, but what The Albion Alliance are providing is information, not presentation.

There is a list of categories down the left hand side, where you can check for specific news not on the front page, there is also a list of databases in the documents link, where you can search for EU documents directly and they even bring you the latest Statutory Instruments from the UK Parliament so you can see our own Government turn EU law in to UK law whilst they and the media spin you a line.

Want to check out all those Euromyths, now you can search for the original documents and decide for yourselves (if you can navigate the purposefully complicated cross referencing systems), but its there, all for you to use.

There are even tabs at the top explaining how EU law is made and a list of all the main EU agencies with links to their sites for your reading delight, or distain. Few realise just how many areas of government are already controlled by Brussels.

The Albion Alliance is not gone, despite the best efforts of some, it is back with gusto with a view to providing the means for people to educate themselves about the EU rather than having to rely on the biased media, if and when they mention the EU at all. A reference point to counter the Government Nudge.

Since its launch yesterday, the European Commission and the European Parliament have been crawling all over it, no doubt they and many UK politicians would rather you did not access EU data in this way, so please, give this new Albion Alliance site your support. You are not a number, you are a free people. Make use of this information.

Remember, its updated hourly, so keep going back to check on the latest…

As I said at the time of the original post:

The sheer volume of shite that the EU generates on a daily basis is staggering. Please make good use of the document links also, before someone decides that the British public is not allowed to see how the empire was created with the help of so many British Quislings.

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