Barroso lives it up on your tax

Everytime I read something like this it makes my blood boil. The unelected ‘President’ of an organisation whose only role in life is telling you how to live your life in excruciating detail whilst spending your tax money like water, an open tap with a broken washer.

So where do I find this kind of information, the BBC? The Times? The Telegraph? or perhaps The Sun… no, they don’t rock the boat, they rarely tell you how much of your hard earned is being pissed up the wall by these unelected authoritarian nobody’s. The details were uncovered in research by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, so it rules out the cut & paste propaganda publications above anyway.

You need to look much further afield.. The Hindustan Times

The office of José Manuel Barroso, the president of the European commission, racked up a €249,000 bill for private jets during the period he attended the 2009 UN convention on climate change.

Barroso’s jet bill for the nine-month period is just a small part of €7.5m worth of trips on private jets chartered by EU commissioners over the last five years,

but that’s just part of it….

Barroso and 35 others spent €28,000 at the luxury Peninsula New York hotel during the visit to the UN climate change convention.

hang on, there’s more…

The research also uncovered public money being used to fund a €75,000 cocktail party at a science conference in 2009. An additional €20,000 was spent on gifts for commission guest speakers since 2008, including cufflinks, fountain pens and Tiffany jewellery.

So next time you buy something that has taken you an age to save up for, ask yourself why you are paying 20% VAT, because its basically being used to allow Barroso and his leaches to live the high life when they go away on their jollies.

…and no, you can’t vote them out.. so starve the beast.


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  1. Sue says:

    I have been seething too since I’ve seen the report. It’s here

    Starving the beast is easier said than done unless you are self-employed, I don’t pay tax and neither do a lot of other people here in Spain. Everything has and is still is either done by barter or money until the table. Even the notaries still do business that way.

    On twitter last night arguing with the usual lefties about the EU and climate change was an eyeopener. When I mentioned the sheer scale of the EU and their high life, the conversations suddenly stopped or were completely ignored. With all the jetting around they do, there is no reason on earth why anybody else should be suffering their lectures about climate change and their defence of socialism has completely gone out of the window.

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