Not a normal traffic day

Since publishing details of my name change, and previous to that an account of the interest of my computer system, there have been some visits to my sites today which do not fit the normal pattern of my visitors.

With regards to the name change, its seems that an interest from those who run and operate, or are likely to benefit from the Census have taken note that some of us are not taking their crap lying down.

United Kingdom Capita Business Services ( Capita Business Services

(No referring link)

United Kingdom Capita Business Services ( Capita Business Services

(No referring link)

and earlier

United Kingdom Financial Services Authority ( Financial Services Authority

(No referring link)

but that is not the most interesting visit today.

First a visit to the blog site, then almost immediately afterwards a hack attack.

Berlin, Germany Bundesamt Fuer Sicherheit In Der ( Federal Office Information Security

The Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (abbreviated BSI – in English: Federal Office for Information Security) is the German government agency in charge of managing computer and communication security for the German government. Its areas of expertise and responsibility include the security of computer applications, critical infrastructure protection, Internet security, cryptography, counter eavesdropping, certification of security products and the accreditation of security test laboratories.

BSI’s predecessor was the cryptographic department of Germany’s foreign intelligence agency (BND).

Our German allies doing the UK Govt dirty work? They wouldn’t be after my PGP encryption keys would they? Oh cynical me… but I recinded existing keys and reissued new keys just in case.

Do we really worry them that much?

Life is certainly starting to get interesting….


About Not Applicable

What's in a name? This is the name I have chosen using a Deed Poll to fill in the UK Census 2011 form. Its my form of protest.
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5 Responses to Not a normal traffic day

  1. Henry North says:

    Capita well, words cannot describe my opinion of Capita…

    Interesting that they took the Latin name of bodies etc

  2. Your name is on ze list.

  3. woodsy42 says:

    It makes you wonder how closely you are being watched doesn’t it! I would guess they are following any name you choose, and that of your dog, cat, neighbour and old schoolteachers etc.
    I have only had my blog a few weeks, and basically it’s an outlet for things my wife tells me to stop going on about, although with a slightly libertarian and anti-authoritarian standpoint. I have seen a couple of worm/trojan infections on the ‘front facing’ PC in the past couple of weeks, one got through and I pulled the plug immediately, and I see some blog referals from whoever they are. It’s easy to get paranoid.

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