EEAS: Transfer of staff on 1 January 2011

If my last post did little to spur you into doing something, perhaps this, which is no longer the proposal but the action will make you sit up and listen.

This press release slipped out over the Christmas period, probably hoping that few would notice it, is to announce the transfer of staff to the new EEAS.. the European Foreign Office run by unelected Cathy Ashton.

You may recall from previous posts that the EEAS will also be responsible for the EU Military….

Bit by bit, slice by slice… Welcome to the EUSSR

And what of our Coalition Government? What does the FCO have to say on this transfer of sovereignty, civil servants and diplomats? What word from our Eurosceptic Foreign Secretary Wee Willy Hague? Hmm, nothing…

(highlights below mine)

Europa Press Release


Brussels, 21 December 2010

A new step in the setting-up of the EEAS: Transfer of staff on 1 January 2011

The European External Action Service will enter a new phase on 1 January 2011 with the transfer of staff from Council and Commission. Altogether 1643 permanent officials will be transferred to the new service, bringing on board a huge expertise and experience. With this transfer the EEAS, launched on 1 December 2010, will fully come into being.

“The service will mark a new beginning for European foreign and security policy as we bring together and streamline all of the Union’s existing resources, staff and instruments. We will also receive a fresh injection of talent and skills as we incorporate Member States’ diplomats into our team. This combination of staff and resources will be more than the sum of its parts: we will be able to find synergies and develop new ideas, which will enhance our ability to act more creatively and decisively in an increasingly challenging world,” said Catherine Ashton, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy/Vice-President of the European Commission.

The transfer will happen on the basis of the Council Decision of 26 July 2010 on the establishment, organisation and functioning of the EEAS as well as the amended Staff and Financial Regulations and the 2011 EU budget.

On the Commission side the transfer will include a majority of staff from DG External Relations (RELEX), which will cease to exist, and part of the DG Development (DEV), where its remaining part will be merged with DG External Cooperation Programmes (AIDCO) into DG Development Cooperation (DEVCO). In the Council Secretariat staff currently working in DG External and Politico-Military Affairs will be transferred.

Transfer of posts: Commission Brussels RELEX Transfer of posts: 

Commission Brussels DEV

Transfer of posts: Commission Delegations RELEX Transfer of posts: 


New posts 2010/2011 Total
585 93 436 411 118 1643

* non-permanent staff from the Commission and the Council will also be transferred

In order to assure a smooth transfer of staff a provisional organisational structure was established for the EEAS. This organisational structure will be fine-tuned and improved in the course of 2011. The senior management of the EEAS will be looking for efficiencies in this process to allow the EEAS to deliver a better service within current resources. The service will initially be housed in existing Council and Commission buildings.

More information:

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7 Responses to EEAS: Transfer of staff on 1 January 2011

  1. Bill says:

    These cretins live in a totally fictional world where reality seems to have been suspended. The Liblabcon sole purpose is to ensure the puppet masters operating clowns like Ashton can carry on regardless.
    The utter destruction of the Liblabcon is the best way to end my countries involvement in the EU game.

  2. What something should we be spurred into doing?

    • William,

      Would you have me tell you what to have for Breakfast as well.
      It is for each individual to decide what they should do about the information provided, whether they write, speak out in public, undertake a course of civil disobedience, a boycott or even more direct action, but it is not for me to tell them what to do, but see my next post for some practical help.

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  4. Vicky says:

    Off topic-sorry!

    Seems to be important

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    Sources have told me that the late oil industry insider and whistle blower Matt Simmons, in one of his last public comments, said that the BP Oil Disaster had caused the Loop Current in the Gulf of Mexico to shut down. This may well have been what caused his murder! Stirling

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