The Value of Money

As children we were always taught about the value of money. Not just how to count it or spend it, but its value, its worth in terms of how we measure that against our efforts to obtain it.

Having been blocked earlier this month in its efforts to simply ‘aquire’ more taxpayers money for no more effort, the EU has this week finally reached agreement on its budget for 2011, increasing it by just over 2.5%.

The trade off is talks at a later stage to allow the EU to cut out these meddlesome negotiations with heads of state and finance ministers to allow them to raise taxes directly. I say NO.

Considering the majority of those in the EU Commission who spend this money are undemocratic and unelected, that these illegitimate institutions are riddled with crime and corruption at every level, and their spending is both unsuitable and un-audited, you will not be surprised to hear that I oppose this most vehemently.

When money comes as easy as it does to the EU, it has little value, other than providing a lifestyle to bureaucrats that those who do the paying can only dream of. To give it away to despots, crooks and murderous governments adds insult to injury.

But when these faceless, useless morons spend over €3million of your hard earned taxes on champagne and caviar parties which they call “European Development Days” just to attract those despots, crooks and murderous governments to discuss ‘poverty’ then you know that both the money, and the people involved have no value at all.

The Telegraph can tell you more… on this disgusting criminal waste.

You see we peasants know the value of our money, but what these so called leaders are teaching our children are not our values, it is the value of the crooked and criminal minded, it is the value of buying despots off with other peoples money. It is the value of the Mafia.

The only way we will defeat these criminals is to starve them, starve the beast of the money that greases their soiled palms.

Their contempt for your is total.



Update: There is going to be an huge SFI very shortly (SFI = Shit, Fan, Interface) which will put even more pressure on the EU and is proliferate spending.

The strange case of Swiss gold, Government dereliction, and EU fantasies.


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  2. hat4uk says:


    Thanks for the link – much appreciated.

    The Slog

  3. westcoast2 says:

    As children we were always taught about the value of money.

    Over at How The West Was WonMoney – The Real Stuff there are some interesting thoughts . As children maybe we were not told the whole story?

    FOFOA has more thoughts (based on Another/FOA) worth reading as they may have bearing on the gold story as well as your ideas on starving the beast.

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