So who could be telling lies?

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According to Douglas Carswell a document has only just appeared, of which even the European Scrutiny Committee was unaware, until today.
Carswell does not actually link to the document in question (STRENGTHENING ECONOMIC GOVERNANCE IN THE EUREPORT OF THE TASK FORCE TO THE EUROPEAN COUNCIL), however I have tracked it down and it can be viewed here.
Where he says:

Despite what we were told in June, UK budgets will now become EU business. They might not be able to impose sanctions on us if they disapprove – yet. But they are involved.

This will be due to Protocol 15, which can also be viewed here – page 84.
Carswell’s other point:

According to the document, “The Task Force recommends a deeper macro-economic surveillance with the introduction of a new mechanism underpinned by a new legal framework …. applying to all EU Member States

is point 34 of the paper linked to above.

Oh and do look at the last name of those who comprised the Task Force (page 14)! One George Osborne!

It really is time for that referendum.

UPDATE 28/10/10

Conservative Central Office have been viewing this post, quite a few times, any comment??



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  2. WitteringsfromWitney says:

    Ta IPJ for widening the audience.

  3. WitteringsfromWitney says:

    ps – no ‘h’ in Witney!

  4. Adam Price says:

    Also on the list … finance ministers from all other EU countries. I doubt they all agree exactly with the contents of the report.

    • … and Downing St and the Press corp need to start reporting ALL the facts rather than spinning like a top that ‘its all the EUs fault’ when its clear that our own ministers are complicit in the make-up of the rules and agreements, irrespective of whether they agree or not.

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  6. Henry North says:

    UNITED KINGDOM 9/07/10 Date of the submission ( was Georgie on a Rothschild Yacht at that time?)

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