John Hurst prepares for next round in court

John Hurst, for those who have been following his story, has decided that he is willing to stand up for what he believes is right, that the collection of council tax is illegal.

This case is hugely important, because at one stage or another, a court will either have to decide on the legitimacy of our constitutional documents and uphold them along with John’s claim, or declare the British constitution dead. Either way there will be wide ranging impacts far beyond just council tax.

You can catch up on the process so far from my earlier posts.

Now John is preparing for the next part of this battle, as the reconvened administrative hearing moves to the magistrates court in LLandrindod Wells.

Event Date: Fri, 05/11/2010
Start Time: 10.30am


Llandrindod Wells Magistrates Court

High Street
LLandridod Wells Powys

There will be a static protest outside the court, as John Hurst attempts to make use of the protection of Article 61 of Magna Carta to enforce his council tax protest. It is his view that the magistrates will ignore the law in this case, which will result in his pressing for a judicial review by the Supreme Court.

Everyone welcome.

Note: It is not a trial, but a hearing before an administrative court which is hired for the day by the Council, including the magistrates.

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17 Responses to John Hurst prepares for next round in court

  1. Any coincidence that its being held on Guy Fawkes day?

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  3. John Hirst says:

    Not to be confused with me. Good luck.

    • No confusion at all John. Although your fight to get prisoners the vote bears similarities.

      Rights codified in our constitution, in the Magna Carta, the Bill of Rights are bastardised by statutes. Perhaps you should consider supporting the constitution we have to gain those prisoners universal suffrage by changes to UK law rather than relying on potentates & pretenders from overseas.

  4. Go John!!

    This is a fantastic test of an 800 year old law. When John wins I will be over the moon. It opens the door for me to use the same defence against HMRC.

    Best of luck John!!!


  5. I will Ian.

    There may be a letter when I get back from Libya.

    I hope so. I am enjoying the fight!


  6. jameshigham says:

    Hope I’m wrong but can’t see how he’ll achieve it.

    • The best tool available is Publicity. The more publicity there is, the less chance the powers that be can sweep this under the carpet.

      Shining the light on it and breathing the air of publicity.

  7. Indyanhat says:

    Will be there on the day John, have just written a piece over at mine about it as well and linked back to Ian’s piece. Roll on the day!

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  9. mescalito says:

    GOD DAMN this is exciting, the cracks are getting bigger as many more good people stand for there rights, especially when its ex police who are prepared to stand for the reasons they originally joined, truth and justice. the wall of evil is surely coming down.

    equality for all vs the supremacy of some.

    good work and good luck!

  10. EDDIE G says:

    Good luck john, We,re all behind you, this could be the best november 5th spectacular, This country has ever seen.

  11. Rob A says:

    Go for the throat John! As you so eloquently point out, this is a question of ‘what is the Law’ rather than whether you have broken any Law. This commercial court cannot under any lawful method make a finding on this Constitutional issue.

    I look forward to it being heard at High Court and being put before Ministry of Justice. That will be the day we can formally state whether we are free or under tyranny.

    Tea anyone?


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