The EU demands recognition as a State

Daniel Hannan tells us that there is move to get formal UN recognition of the EU as a State.

Not only does it want official recognition, but it is suggested that as part of the negotiations it could replace both the UK and French permanent seats on the Security Council.

Eurocrats want formal recognition from the United Nations. They want Herman Van Rompuy to be able to address the General Assembly as a head of state, and to create a seat for Baroness Ashton, the EU’s foreign minister.

We need to demand now that referendum that has so long been denied us, before the occupation of a foreign power becomes permanent.

They may eventually get their way in the UN, but I and many others will never accept it. Under those circumstances do not be surprised if a very large number of political commentators, pundits and the public very quickly become freedom fighters, all across Europe. I hope Cameron and Clegg can live with that.


UPDATE: Van Rompuy shunned at the UN by Arab, African, Latin American and Caribbean countries.

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5 Responses to The EU demands recognition as a State

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  2. jameshigham says:

    There’s just an inevitability to the whole thing, n’est ce pas?

  3. FrankC says:

    EU wants a seat at the Security Council. Okey doke, where’s your nukes and proof of delivery?
    UK yes. France yes. Belgium err. Germany err. Italy err. Various East Europeans pardon?
    No deliverable nukes? STFU.

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