Google CEO says change your name for privacy

Every week in the UK there reports of data losses from government databases, banks, corporate bodies and public services resulting over the past few years of literally hundreds of thousands of personal details lost.

We have no way of knowing where most of these personal details end up, but many are sold on to criminal gangs who use these details to enact identity fraud, scam banks and empty bank accounts. This can cause chaos to many innocent victims, sometimes lasting many years.

When the CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, says the following to the Wall Street Journal, it really is time to sit up and listen:

He predicts, apparently seriously, that every young person one day will be entitled automatically to change his or her name on reaching adulthood in order to disown youthful hijinks stored on their friends’ social media sites…

“I don’t believe society understands what happens when everything is available, knowable and recorded by everyone all the time… I mean we really have to think about these things as a society.”

Undoubtedly we need to educate children (and many adults for that matter!) on the value of privacy. But with social networking growing in scope and popularity, the real question is – can we put pandora back in her box?

One effective way to combat such fraud in the UK is to simply change your name details. Done at a minimal cost by using name change companies such as Personal Deed Poll Services, you can legally change your name quickly and efficiently, and by informing the relevant authorities and financial institutions of that name change will instantly make any criminal use of your previous details useless.

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  1. jameshigham says:

    It will be generally known though that you’ve made that change, George.

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