Sarkozy should have stayed at home

Why is Sarkozy here asks Channel 4 news today on Twitter.

RT: @channel4news: Why’s Sarkozy here? To honour exiled de Gaulle’s famous radio speech rallying the French Resistance, a WW2 turning point

To be honest, he could have listened to it on the Radio in Paris and left us alone.  He could also well remember that British hospitality is always dependent upon the recipients doing the right thing.

The Britain that housed, fed, trained and re-armed the remnants of the French armies that made it back across the Channel after Dunkirk found that they were indeed made of the right stuff under de Gaulle, unlike many of their countrymen under the regime set up in France by Marshal Henri Pétain in July, 1940, subsequent to the Franco-German armistice.

For four years Henri-Philippe Petain led the government of Vichy France. For the people the famous revolutionary principles of “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” were replaced by “Work, Family, Fatherland”.

That the Governmental successor to the bravery of de Gaulle and those proud Frenchmen who fought under him is represented by such a man as Sarkozy, who whilst he praises the actions of his forebears is systematically stripping the population of France of the very rights de Gaulle stood and fought for is an affront to those who died in those dark years.

Sarkozy’s delusion, like Napoleon before him, is to believe that this time, the age old dream of a united Europa can come true, but with France calling the shots.

I have long maintained that we should judge people by what they do rather than what they say, and Sarkozy by his actions is a man in the mould of Pétain, selling his nation to Europa whilst revelling in the personal aggrandisement, and falling far short of the hero that he pays lip service to today.

Until Sarkozy begins to do the right thing, by his actions, when the people of France can again believe in the principles of “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity”, until then and only then will he find that British hospitality on any visit to Britain will mean nothing more than an official duty. Perhaps he should just stay at home.


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  2. jameshigham says:

    but with France calling the shots

    That’s right. I sometimes use an Agatha Christie quote from N or M and it amply shows that this has never changed. Same in Bavaria. those elements are always there and are calling the same old old shots.

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