EU Commission plans EU-wide information sharing of UK taxpayers’ details

This little gem was picked up on Bill Cash’s European Journal website today.

On 8 June, the Council reached a political agreement on a draft regulation on administrative cooperation and combating fraud in the field of value added tax.

The Council will formally adopted the regulation, without discussion, at a forthcoming meeting.

Please read here what such proposal entails. Download Surveillance

Any adoption by the Council on what is known as A-list items are dealt with as already having been agreed, and the adoption is merely a formality, and are not open to further discussion. A-list items can only be adopted after all Council members have previously agreed, which means that our new UK Coalition Government must have agreed to this transfer of power to Brussels in the 8th June meeting or before.

The document tells us:

The authors report on:
• A new EU common approach on tax data;
• Increasing exchange of taxpayer data;
• Immediate access to identity, activity and turnover data;
• How the European Commission will enforce national checks;
• The setting up of Eurofisc and the future “Eurocracy”

Under the proposals, Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs and all Member States tax authorities would be required to grant “direct access” to personal information contained on national taxpayer databases, without the knowledge or consent of the UK taxpayer.

Oh, and just as a by-line for those European readers of this blog, this applies to you too, to all those taxpayers in all 27 EU member states, most of whom thought that this kind of state intrusion died when the communist states fell, how about this for a level of state intrusion not seen before:

Moreover, Member States would be required to, no later than a year after the VAT identification of the taxable persons and non-taxable legal persons, perform a risk analysis on those persons, taking into account these checks.

The Commission also proposes that Member States must give notification in the database system, without delay, of situations such as persons identified in the database who have ceased economic activity and risks identified in the course of a risk analysis.

(Emphasis mine)

The official line is to combat fraud, no doubt in time it will all be shared in a one way deal with the US to combat terrorism in the same way all financial transactions are to be given over.

Slice by slice, the transfer of powers keeps moving along with our data over to Brussels and our personal details all eventually end up in Washington. Who can name the UK minister responsible for this?

What’s that? No Referendum? But you said…. So much for Cameron pledges…

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