Daniel, where are you when you’re needed?

225px-Daniel_Hannan_London_Autumn_2008When something is wrong, then it needs to be addressed.

We all thought Daniel Hannan was a white knight in this matter of the EU although, to be fair, he was an MEP and had no direct influence at Westminster.

Douglas Carswell was able to implement more direct action in the form of a PMB although, to be fair again, we knew it would get nowhere.

At the Conservative Conference, in the Freedom Zone, much was said about the EU and the necessity to get out but when I quizzed one of the most vocal, Roger Helmer, about another matter – Common Purpose, he shut down the question.

The Albion Alliance felt, a week or so ago, that its functions were largely subsumed now by the new Hannan/Carswell initiative and we agreed to hold off, that for a number of anti-EU pressure groups to all go off and do it their way was precisely what was not needed.

So we waited.

And waited.

Witterings from Witney then posted this about Daniel Hannan’s “initiatives”:

There may have been no ‘sleight of hand’ about the fact the Tories had not made any secret of their wish to avoid a fight with the EU, but there sure was ‘slight of hand’ about how they handled the question of a referendum.

When Hannan made this speech the country ‘sat up’ and applauded. If Hannan really believed in honesty in politics he would make a similar speech to Cameron about, for example, broken promises, dishonesty and the emasculation of democracy caused by Britain’s membership of the EU.

Daniel Hannan replied:

I know you don’t like Conservatives but, in the interests of balance, you might recall that I resigned from the European front bench when David Cameron dropped that commitment.

Witterings replied:

Daniel, you misunderstand – It is not that I do not like Conservatives, it is that I do not like what the Conservative Party has become! Up until 2004 I was a life-long Conservative.

What we have here is a situation where the Conservatives are sliding out of their commitments, on the strength of being beholden to the Lib Dems although there was really no sign anyway that Pink Dave was ever going to honour his promise of a referendum.

Thus we are back at the beginning of this post:

When something is wrong, then it needs to be addressed.

Thus either the Albion Alliance or some new project needs to get underway to take up the conservative mantle and insist on democracy for the people of this country. The vast majority of Conservative MPs refused to support the voice of the people – two or three did.

Now is the time for the Tory MPs to stand up and be counted or else be mercilessly slammed across the entire blogosphere.

[Posted by James Higham]


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One Response to Daniel, where are you when you’re needed?

  1. Patrick Harris says:

    Horses for courses, DH was just as surprised as anyone at the public reaction when his “Eurospeech” hit Youtube.
    Did he really resign from the European “front bench” or was he pushed, the pushers, acting in haste, thereby missing the opportunity to capitalise on the public support for DH and through him the Conservative Party.
    Had The Boy welcomed DH’s speech and offered him the job of European Union Minister in the next Government with a remit to formulate the question and organise the promised “cast iron” referendum, he would not now be at the mercy of The Other Boy.
    Or, am I missing something?

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