None Of The Lib/Lab/Con Are What They Seem

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The editorial in today’s Daily Telegraph is headlined “The LibDems are not what they seem to be”, a statement that can also be applied to both Labour and the Conservatives. As a piece presumably to ‘diss’ the LibDems, one has to wonder who wrote this disastrous example that is supposed to be ‘journalism’ and whether they actually read that which they had written.

Selecting Clegg’s apparent belief in ‘localism’ and contrasting this with his desire to be a member of the European Union does not differentiate Clegg from David Cameron, in fact it highlights the similarity.

Likewise the editorial selects Clegg’s wish for an amnesty for illegal immigrants as an example of liberalism against what the paper calls the ‘authoritarian’ idea of herding new immigrants to areas where they are needed. And the difference with this ‘authoritarian’ idea and that of David Cameron with his vision of a ‘Big Society’ which includes ‘volunteer’ groups or a National Citizen’s Service for 16 yearolds, is what exactly?

Therefore the question has to be asked; just what is the ‘raison d’etre’ for the LibDems existence? The same question could well be directed to David Cameron and the Conservatives, but I digress.With Labour, whilst one knows that their idealogy means more state control over our lives, thought and actions, what they keep hidden is the degree to which their control will achieve.

It can be accepted that society today functions by one of two methods – socialism or capitalism. In a nutshell Socialism can be defined as government control of people and production and capitalism defined as minimalist government, with the market – a mechanism that decides the best way of accomplishing any given task – achieving prosperity for both people and country.

To attempt embracing both worlds of socialism and capitalism can only lead to indecision and badly planned and implemented policies, exemplified by the Blair and Brown governments. What is obvious is that whoever forms the next government, be that ‘fair’ (red), ‘fairness’ (yellow) or ‘change’ (blue), ‘big government’ will prevail, not just from our ‘national’ government in Brussels, but also from our ‘toy’ government in Westminster who will continue to grant various aspects of ‘freedom’ – but freedom with strings attached – to the people.

It is a sad fact of this election that the question which should have been debated, has not. That question is: Who governs us? It is a question asked not just with regard to our country’s membership of the European Union, but also from an aspect of locally. In a democracy, should not the people be able to govern themselves?

The problem from which we presently suffer is that we, the people, have become subservient to politicians and bureaucrats whereas it should be the politicians and bureaucrats who should be subservient to the people. Over decades the politicians and bureaucrats have brain-washed the people to the extent that the people have now lost the will and ability to think for themselves.

RIP Individualism and Freedom.



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Ian Parker-Joseph, former Leader of the Libertarian Party UK, who currently heads PDPS Internet Hosting and the Personal Deed Poll Services company, has been an IT industry professional for over 20 years, providing Business Consulting, Programme and Project Management, specialising in the recovery of Projects that have failed in a process driven world. Ian’s experience is not limited to the UK, and he has successfully delivered projects in the Middle East, Africa, US, Russia, Poland, France and Germany. Working within different cultures, Ian has occupied high profile roles within multi-nationals such as Nortel and Cable & Wireless. These experiences have given Ian an excellent insight into world events, and the way that they can shape our own national future. His extensive overseas experiences have made him all too aware of how the UK interacts with its near neighbours, its place in the Commonwealth, and how our nation fits into the wider world. He is determined to rebuild many of the friendships and commercial relationships with other nations that have been sadly neglected over the years, and would like to see greater energy and food security in these countries, for the benefit of all. Ian is a vocal advocate of small government, individual freedom, low taxation and a minimum of regulation. Ian believes deeply and passionately in freedom and independence in all areas of life, and is now bringing his professional experiences to bear in the world of politics.
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8 Responses to None Of The Lib/Lab/Con Are What They Seem

  1. jdforder says:

    I understand the libertarian approach although, i must say that the conservative party do not fall into a lib/lab/con category. The liberals are much closer relatives to labour. I support the conservative party, not because i have been raised to or told to. I support them as out of the three main parties they do have the most logical approach to achieving recovery from the recession.
    Please do not take this as an attack upon your opinion; As a conservative supporter i feel slightly offended by the grouping of the three parties into one category.
    Myself and friends use the term lib/labourites re libdems and labour.
    Can you not see there is a larger gap between the conservatives and the other two parties?
    I honestly thought it was quite clear to see.
    I like the libertarian approach of lpuk although, ukip i feel are just the bnp without such bad press.
    The two were at one point about to join forces but, when ukip realized what this would mean… Turned against the bnp and in doing so diverted bad press from themselves.
    I agree that we need to place controls upon immigration, we seem to accept the countless far from needed ones from the E.U with no trouble. Although brown fails to place the few vital ones upon our banks. This did not help us in regards to descent into recession.

    I do not however agree with racism displayed by both the bnp and ukip. I feel should we be aiming for a civilized society, we should be able to accept each other regardless of class and race etc. It seems to myself that many of the racist/bordering upon racist views we see today are created from a small group who happen to belong to a certain ‘race’ casting a dark cloud upon the race as a whole. There is only one race we all belong to it, the human race. We merely have differences in features and skin pigmentation to allow us to live as efficiently as possible in our countries.

    The lib-labourites as i like to say, as you will of seen from the debates or political x-factor (lol) take the approach of investment to move towards growth. Where as the tories are proposing the opposite. I feel it is far more logical to improve efficiency in all sectors prior to an investment. If we were to take the other approach, you will find we shall be a lot worse off in regards to finances by the begging of the next tax yr in 2011.

    The liberals are in fact a icoalition of the socialists and liberals, the socialists being a group of labour mps that broke off from the labour party when they did not see eye to eye in on certain matters. I hope you understand my point. As this basically means that the liberals are actually half liberal half labour.
    The only difference being something as small as the socialists not liking the particular blend of coffee served at labour hq. So the two are much more alike than the Tories.

    You can argue it from the other side if needs be and say that thee liberals and labour are related re Churchill heading a liberal/Tory coalition. However, i strongly believe, had it not been for Churchill this would not of happened. Churchill caused friction as he drifted between the two parties and made a fair few enemies he would never ‘make up with’.
    Although Lloyd George of the conservatives saw potential in Churchill and convinced the tory’s that they needed him.

    Then , I’m guessing this will add some to the libertarian arsenal , however i shall still tell you . That cameron is in fact a 16th cousin of clegg! This is via Churchill and his ancestors.

    I believe the libertarians have a good approach, should they one day become one of the top parties, without falling victim to corruption as a result… I shall wish them well.
    I very much understand the idea that ‘all politicians are the same’ re lies proposals that they have no intention of enforcing etc. Although i ask you please not to be so quick to associate the Tory’s with the competitors.
    Fair enough if the tory party were to do as labour have, then i shall not be so keen on the cause. They have worked in my borough with amazing results, believe me before they stepped in, it was awful here. We also have (not perfect yes) a better chance of becoming mummified in copious amounts of red tape with a lib-labourite rein.
    Clegg is far more interested in Europe as they have been paying him a damn site more than he would receive here. Gordon or who ever shall be next to front the labour party would not exactly put up a fight against the red sticky stuff. A labour mp quite a while back actually agreed to de-value our sterling by 14% in comparison to the monopoly money they call the euro. He did this willingly he was not coerced into this decision. Whilst thatcher for all the bad things that people seem to associate with her, stood to keep or sterling. She laughed at the idea of suggesting the move to the euro to parliament!

    You can argue that D.C is not a real tory but then i would say to you that it is not the party leader that is important but the party itself. We appoint heads of sectors and have a cartel of mps within each aprty so one can excell where another fails etc. A party leader is far easier to replace than a party.
    Labour have been feeding the public nothing but derogatory comments re the torys. all the time they have been in power, this has led the public to believe that the tory’s are only for the upper classes. But a party changes , it must , by nature members will die or be replaced, so the party we have now in teory be a whole new group of people sharing new ideas. The Tories have shown their better attitude with things such as their campaign to save the British pub etc. I also found all of those who ive spoken to with tory viewpoint to be very nice genuine people. They have also accepted me as a follower even though i happen to live on an estate and am as broke as the British banking system.

    We as tories have also been subjected to the media saying we are conducting a smear campagin although,we were doing this as supporters not upon instruction from the party. We were also telling britain the truth behind clegg. Should we of left it and let the public find out after the vote? We were really trying to help. We do not say ‘vote tory’ as we are trying to indoctrinate people, but because we believe in the tory approach. And we believe should they win, we will be better off. So it is not in the interest of a party we do this but in the interests of the public.

    Please would you consider my argument as being compared to clegg, the smug , full of himself , childhood actor. Is quite an insult. In fact i was very angry after watching the marr show as he used the phrase “we cant have gordon brown squatting within number 10”. This is a remark i have made months and months ago on the boris site , far before half of us knew about him. lol

    I am open to discuss any of this further, all i ask isyou consider us amongst the tory’s… who believe in morals , know right from wrong and will fight for this day in and day out regardless of who it is that comes along to challenge us!
    If i were to call myself a libertoryan would this be taken offensvely by libertarians?
    As the lib/lab /con term so often used is very offensive to most tory’s. What with smeg-head leading the lib dems i would prefer being assosiated with labour than them.

    I hope you can see that i have considered both sides of this and not just dismiss my oppinion as i am a tory supporter.

    And i hope you wont mind the following link to help us all to make the internet safer for children. Janina Davison-Forder

    • jdforder,

      You say: “I very much understand the idea that ‘all politicians are the same’ re lies proposals that they have no intention of enforcing etc. Although i ask you please not to be so quick to associate the Tory’s with the competitors.”

      But I do associate them with the competitors, never simply because of what they say, but by what they do.

      The minute Cameron get 2 of his senior cabinet members to join the Board of Demos, Blairs main Fabian think tank alarm bells rang, when he started hiring former Blair advisors they rang again, when he adopted Nudge the 3rd alarm call went off, but when he adopted the marxist doctrine of Saul Alinsky, the Red Toryism, the full blown Communitarian doctrine that put him fair and square into socialist territory.

      I judge by what people do, not what they say. Perhaps a bit of further reading may convince you that Cameron is only a new look Conservative, but he is no conservative.

      Please feel free to scroll back through some of my earlier work, but especially this one.

      I see you have also fallen for the propaganda regarding the BNP, they are not right wing at all, but extreme left, not something that UKIP would consider in any way. That little story was a Labour inspired propagandists fantasy.

      We are of course each destined to vote as we see fit, read the manifestos as we see them, but I like to dig deeper than the headlines, analyse where the impetus for a policy has derived from and look for the real policies that you can only see reading between the lines or the documentation from our real government in Brussels.

      I shall vote according to my conscience, tactical voting will only bring about another 5 years of suffering for this nation as getting Brown out is not reason enough for more of the same with some of the edges smoothed off, socialist communitarian policies with a different rosette.

  2. jameshigham says:

    Certainly true and now Cleggover is proposing road pricing.

  3. jdforder says:

    Is this in regards to hiring lanes when roadworks are needed to stop the contractors gaining extended periods of work?
    Or are you saying what i think you are saying…..
    Some type of tolling system?
    Please don’t say it is that….. he couldn’t possibly be allowed to do that …… could he?

  4. jdforder says:

    I may actually cry if people keep using that coalition-based profanity in my company. 😦
    I shall pop over and look however, i will have to shield my eyes.
    I may be traumatized by the repeated viewing of said abbreviated coalition!
    Have not heard of the galileo project.
    Ok i shall read it although, i shall argue my point, if i have a point to argue… i hope i do???

  5. Dave M says:

    “National Citizen’s Service for 16 yearolds, is what exactly?”

    I think it was once known as the Hitler Youth !

  6. jdforder says:

    Oh come on , you must admit… For those 16year olds who would be doing nothing but spending their holidays hanging around street corners at least it is something productive to do.
    It does also help you get a good experience of the working world, work experience opportunity’s are very limited and you hardly ever get a place that is of interest to you.
    I wouldn’t of minded as i wanted to voluntary work , i was so hard to find the places that offered this. I spent 3 hours every Sunday with children who had various problems at 15. Then later would help out as a leader with my auntie as she ran the local rainbows. Then would go shopping for all the old ladies who lived in my dads sheltered accommodation. It is a great experience and gives you some insight into what the job involves. It also goes down well on your c.v. which, contrary to popular belief is better than how well a can of larger goes down whilst you sit in the local park making the place look untidy.
    So many people i knew had no idea of what to do in the holidays , this i found was the time that most of them were likely to drink or try drugs. If they help someone at a care home or similar during one of these projects, then that is an added bonus.
    Although i do not agree with the oppurtunity to help out over seas as it is national not international service. It may work as a compulsory project but, not for the whole 6weeks or whatever it may be (varying school terms etc ) . You can’t expect some one to give up all their holiday’s. plus you have to allow for planned family holidays. So perhaps 1 week projects with the option of continuing in one week periods afterward. That way you have provided at least some sort of productive experience plus allowed those who wish to, to carry on.

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