The political map – a voter nightmare

In April of last year, I first published this. It is as relevant today as much as it was a year ago, although there a few small edits to update events that have taken place over the past 12 months.

There is a void in political thought at present, there is also a void in the manifesto coverage from the big parties, one that needed filling, one which the public are determined to find, and the BNP and UKIP are the ones positioned to soak up the disaffected from these mainstream parties, simply because their voices are and have been falling on deaf ears.

This is the primary reason they will not give these two parties anything other than scant media exposure. They fear, all the main parties fear, that they will become the voice of reason.

The march towards authoritarian rule has been embraced not just by Labour, but undeniably by the Conservative and LibDem leadership. This article intends to map out what has happened over the past 12 years, and where we are heading.

We have accepted that after 12 years in No.10 Labour are the ones who have undertaken the enactment of over 32,000 new pieces of legislation (more than all the previous parliaments since its inception), forcing through many new and contentious laws which run counter to the rule of law as laid out in our constitutional documents.

I don’t need to compile another list of Liberty lost, I have already done that, which the Convention of Modern Liberty picked up and ran with, despite that event being a false flag attempt by the establishment to retain control of the Liberty agenda.

It only scratches the surface.

As I established earlier, the OECD global blueprint, the equalisation plan, is being followed by the majority of western states, so in Britain it currently makes little difference at present who sits in No.10, that blueprint will be followed.

The only difference we will see when Cameron arrives to take up his residency will be a little tweaking, rounding off the hard edges to placate some of the more vocal elements, and a good deal more spin, wrapped up in Nudge style media pressure.

So lets go back to the beginning of Labour’s invasion of our liberties, 1997 (I could go back further and include all the Conservative treaties, Rome and Maastricht being the 2 biggest such treaties under Conservative rule which have ceded British sovereignty to unelected bodies, and the introduction of the West Lothian plan as a direct result of the Equalisation Project in the OECD blueprint), but the real assault began with Blair.

At the national level British politics was at that time what I could call moderate, very clearly defined as Labour left and Conservative right, with a LibDem foot in both camps, with a positive left leaning. All these parties are pro EU and pro OECD. We see a single blip that is UKIP, who whilst being anti EU dampens any perceived support for OECD, although their very existence is dependent upon EU participation and funding.

This is shown in the diagram below.


So what changed after Blair was elected in a landslide victory, on a platform laden with promises of smaller government, dissolution of quangos, EU referendums, squeaky clean government and spending restraint.

Just by reading through the 1997 manifesto, we can see just how comprehensively the British people were conned, absolutely conned, but time dulls the memory so it is worth reminding, as are the pledges given in the 2005 manifesto.

But then conning the British people was always the intention, which was confirmed in a court case in which the Labour government stated unequivocally that “manifesto pledges are not subject to legitimate expectation” and therefore cannot be relied upon. As blogger Mr Eugenides said at the time: you know something’s gone wrong with politics when… (1) you tell a court “I’m a liar and my promises cannot be relied on”, and (2) that’s your defence

Labour had no intention of fulfilling its pledges, whereas it had every intention of working to the EU and OECD master blueprint, as I suspect the Conservative party appears to have every intention of working to.. Surrounded by an army of lawyers, script writers, media spin doctors, academics and ideological mentors from the Fabians, Labour set about the controlled destruction of Britain and its institutions, as brilliantly laid out by Dr Sean Gabb.

Regionalising Britain is a big part of that plan, and the success of the SNP is Scotland was initially viewed as a major setback, although it now looks as though they too have been quietly pressured into following the ‘guidance’. Plaid Cymru in Wales have not yet had such success to be considered a real threat.

By far the biggest change we have undertaken however are the mental attitudes towards life, the universe and everything. The key to this has been the politics of fear. Otherwise known as The Four Horsemen of the Infocalypse it is a term for criminals, or the imagery of criminals, and it refers to types of criminals who use the internet to facilitate crime and consequently jeopardize the rights and well being of citizens. They are usually described as terrorists, drug dealers, pedophiles, and organised crime.

The creation of fears, enemies within and without that must be feared and fought, either real or imagined has been a political weapon in the hands of politicians for 2000 years or more, used very effectively in Europe 75 years ago and now being used again on us.

We have seen the establishment of an entirely new politically motivated industry of police and private security to support the politics and newly created public perception from the fear of paedophiles, the same with climate change which has also spawned new political parties, and the same fears and uncertainties are aimed at cigarettes, alcohol and food products, health scares of varying degrees, of illegal immigrants and feral youth. The use of fake charities* to increase supposedly ‘public concern’ is now so widespread that it undermines legitimate charitable works.

To ‘combat’ these created fears a host of new laws strip us of our right to privacy, to protect our personal data or our right to be left alone by the state. There are databases, dozens of databases, fingerprinting, DNA collection and retention, CRB checks, ID Cards, age rules, random stops for ID, alcohol checks, insurances, searches, entry to our homes and offices, covert surveillance by all and sundry, all backed up by a closely controlled TV and Press media operation and a central government propaganda unit the COI.

All these new laws and regulations have ensured an explosion in the growth of quangos and government funded fake charities to oversee, investigate, mentor, spread propaganda, lobby and to infantile and patronise the British public.

This has gone hand in hand with a step change in the work environment, a Health and Safety regime gone mad and the introduction of process driven procedures that ensure that growth of the state. Such methodologies** as Prince2, Lean and Six Sigma introduced into the Civil Service allows for the political agenda to flow unabated whilst limiting the big picture view to the most senior politically correct incumbents.

Then there is terrorism. Real or perceived to be real, the fear has been capitalised on, the small number of events have been hyped up, pushed, shoved, and spun for all its worth. By using the Police and Media to best effect, that fear has been projected into the living room and lives of every citizen.

It is a well trodden path, but one that the public is increasingly not buying, as each new high profile scenario unravels and those involved are released without charge, we can all hear the boy crying wolf.

So where are we now today, lets see where the political parties have moved since 1997.


As the diagram shows, most of the parties have moved to the centre ground as the old right left paradigm is left behind, and all have moved further towards the authoritarian regulated form of politics, Communitarianism, about which I wrote yesterday in my article ‘Conservatives? – no longer….

The notable exception is the BNP, who have shrugged off their right wing fascist thug origins and are now firmly placed in the left wing camp in a more moderate position. No small feat on their part to move from right to left whilst campaigning in the main on the same major issues. This explains NuLabour’s absolute fear of them, whilst other parties tend to politely keep them at arms length.

Someone (I cannot remember the source) recently said that UKIP now fills the space of traditional conservatives, and the BNP represents what most people believe Labour was established to do, whilst the LibDems fill nothing.

If we return to the OECD, it is clear that the blueprint that they describe and advise governments on the course of actions to be followed in their various projects, Communitarianism is most definitely the end game, not just at a national level, nor even regional, but Global in its application. Global regulators, Global fiscal policy and financial institutions, Global taxation and the list goes on.

It is also clear that Cameron intends to follow through with this OECD plan, his rejection of the Libertarians in his party and the half hearted uttering from Osborne, IDS and Clarke tell us much more in what they fail to say.

There will not be a rolling back of legislation, there may a tinkering around the edges, a smoothing of the rougher edges, but the reclaiming of rights lost is not on the agenda. Even David Davis is very selective of the battles he fights, those he knows will win public support, but not those he knows will have little effect on the leadership.

The Conservatives intended use of Nudge has been widely written about, it is public knowledge, and we expect that it will be used to hoodwink the public into further steps along the road to the OECD global governance objectives, which are themselves now openly spoken of.

There is no room left in the Conservative party for Liberty minded individuals, unless they compromise their beliefs and step into line. Only positive rights from now on, you will be allowed to choose from the following list……

So where does that leave me, and the millions of other voters who are being led somewhere they do not wish to be led, are not asked or consulted about this monumental shift towards a communitarian society.

Looking back at the diagram, The Libertarian Party places itself firmly in the centre ground, it is neither left nor right, despite what detractors may attempt to tell you, and is the natural opposition to Communitarianism. Unfortunately they will only be running 1 candidate this election, Nic Coombes in Devises, which leaves UKIP and the BNP as the main alternatives, and people ARE signing up to their traditional brand of politics.

If we are looking to return Britain to a moderate Britain, where personal freedom is important, where our rights and Liberty are guaranteed at birth, not granted at the whim of a government, a Britain where our laws are consensual, based upon the rights earned by our forefathers, laws written and agreed in Britain, by members of a Parliament that represent the people who elected them rather than those who pay them from abroad.

If we are looking to return to a Britain where you are free to do as you wish providing that you do not impinge upon the rights of others, but more importantly a Britain where you also take responsibility for your own actions, at all levels, by all of us.

If we are looking for a Britain that works in the best interests of inventiveness, innovation, tolerance of others, and self-worth. A Britain that will reward hard work by not having a government take the lions share of your earnings, and where you may go about your lawful business without interference by the state.

If we are looking for a Britain of values, your values, not mine or imposed communal values. Each of us have different priorities in our lives, different ambitions for ourselves and our families and each must be free to fulfil their dreams, without hindrance by the state. In short a Britain where you can be yourself, knowing that the government is there to protect you and your rights, not the other way round.

Then you cannot with all conscience vote for the Lib/Lab/Con pact.

To those who currently support the Conservative and LibDem parties, who are Liberal in their souls, we know you can see where your leadership is taking us, we know because you are still attempting to reform from within, but try as you may you will not detract them from this Communitarian course.

Nor will you ever get them to change direction on our economic woes, to reduce significantly the size of government, quangos and the plethora of projects that just keep eating our taxes. You will not get them to live within our means, to turn away from the credit/debt economy which fuels yet more debt just to survive.

Cameron has been totally clear in his condemnation of Libertarian ideals, and Clegg has allowed the marginalisation of Libertarians to the point where I consider that the LDP is now just the Social Democrats.

Liberty is the future, real liberty, but not the manufactured illusion of liberty being offered by those presently represented in Westminster and beyond our shores in Brussels, for that will never be attainable.


*: Fake charities are those who gain significant funding from Central government or other charities so funded and not from individual donations, with the sole intention of working a government set agenda or for the purposes of lobbying government to enact a desired government set agenda by assuming or creating a false sense of public outcry or demand which is then echoed in a controlled media campaign, i.e. ASH or Alcohol Concern.

**: Prince2, Lean and Six Sigma are designed to take roles that are normally conducted by 1 or maybe 2 people in their process from end to end, and slice it up into small managed chunks. These chunks are then allocated to staff who are trained to only do the work in that very confined work package.

By taking an entire department, slicing up their existing processes, re-allocating the chunks to an ever growing workforce one can create the impression of modernisation.

What in effect happens however is that the chunks are cleverly allocated in such a way that there are never enough people to handle all the chunks. New managers are therefore needed to manage this under allocation, and there is a constant demand for new staff to fill the un-allocated elements. Therefore constant staff growth is guaranteed and new management levels are created to deal with this constant shortfall.

It also means that no single worker can ever see the big picture, they only being allowed access to their own work-package, and no single person can ever be responsible for the failures that follow as it is always blamed on the process.

Whilst originally designed by big consultancy groups to ensure billing leverage, Lean and Six Sigma have been adopted by government departments to use as political tools, with Prince2 being developed in house by the Treasury buying department (OGC) in conjunction with big consultancy.

It allows suppliers to government to be absolutely vague about the services and goods they are offering whilst creating the appearance of professionalism, but allowing for the blame of client processes and departmental barriers which should rightly be attributed to their own failures, but guaranteeing billing flow and maximising their profits.


About IanPJ

Ian Parker-Joseph, former Leader of the Libertarian Party UK, who currently heads PDPS Internet Hosting and the Personal Deed Poll Services company, has been an IT industry professional for over 20 years, providing Business Consulting, Programme and Project Management, specialising in the recovery of Projects that have failed in a process driven world. Ian’s experience is not limited to the UK, and he has successfully delivered projects in the Middle East, Africa, US, Russia, Poland, France and Germany. Working within different cultures, Ian has occupied high profile roles within multi-nationals such as Nortel and Cable & Wireless. These experiences have given Ian an excellent insight into world events, and the way that they can shape our own national future. His extensive overseas experiences have made him all too aware of how the UK interacts with its near neighbours, its place in the Commonwealth, and how our nation fits into the wider world. He is determined to rebuild many of the friendships and commercial relationships with other nations that have been sadly neglected over the years, and would like to see greater energy and food security in these countries, for the benefit of all. Ian is a vocal advocate of small government, individual freedom, low taxation and a minimum of regulation. Ian believes deeply and passionately in freedom and independence in all areas of life, and is now bringing his professional experiences to bear in the world of politics.
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4 Responses to The political map – a voter nightmare

  1. faustiesblog says:

    Superb piece, Ian.

  2. faustiesblog says:

    PS: We are not even approaching a “moderate Britain”. It’s not on the agenda. “They” couldn’t give a toss about us – the reasonable majority. We ought to get used to that and deal with it.

  3. jameshigham says:

    The trouble is that not only can we not vote for the Big Three but we also cannot vote for any of the other parties which won’t embrace liberty and the worst offender here is the leadership of LPUK, which pretends to want a voice for people and then refuses to support it.

    • Fausty,

      Thank you. If any of the big 2.5 parties win, then moderate Britain will be locked up in the EUSSR for many years to come. They have their own agenda, and it doesn’t include us or our rights, merely seeing those ‘hard working families’ as production units to feed an ailing political and economic system that is long overdue an overhaul, a system of government we all thought had died long ago with the fall of the Berlin Wall.

      By voting for any of the others is what is needed now to break the death-lock that the 2.5 parties have on us.
      If you wish to vote for other parties, do so, and be sound in the knowledge that the chap next door will probably also be doing the same, and the guy over the road, yet all of you have been convinced that you will be alone in your action, that it is a wasted vote.

      Trouble is, people should talk more, something govt have discouraged with the continuing closure of pubs and post offices. If neighbours talked, they will realise they are not alone in wanting the kind of change that none of the big parties are offering, because they are all offering ‘progressive politics’, all Marxist based, all wrapped up in the EU Empire.

      Maybe UKIP or BNP is not the ideal vote for many, but if it breaks the current monopoly, it is enough to begin that new cycle that is so desperately needed.

      As for LPUK, they have but one candidate, so this year they will not be a force for change, in years to come, who knows. Be assured that Liberty is what they are all about, it is just the timing we cannot agree on.

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