European Citizens Initiative

Unsurprisingly The Guardian is pushing the European Commission line on this. Maros Sefcovic an EC functionary writes today, and from the numbers and tone of the comments, I am certainly not the only one to see through the faux democracy of this proposal.

My previous post The 3 Amigos & the deficit has the details.

This whole ECI stunt is democracy Soviet style, certainly not the UK or Western style of democracy that we are hypocritically exporting to the Arab and Muslim world by force of arms.


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3 Responses to European Citizens Initiative

  1. Wormit Steve says:

    I wonder how many saw the possible interpretation of the phrase “bringing Europe closer to its citizens” used?

    Putting a positive spin on some rather negative points does not negate the negative.

  2. Slartibartfas says:

    The right for citizens initiatives is found in many of the member states. They all have in common that they can be ignored but and that is their point, they create a public debate, put pressure on the executive and legislative to act and give the various parties a chance to position themselves. The voters can make use of that positioning at the next parliamentary elections.

    I can’t see what could be bad about that. If thats soviet style most member states are already by themselves and don’t need the EU for that.

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