Safe Tax

Courtesy of Fausty, from whom I ‘borrowed’ it:


It should be remembered of course that what Lord Ashcroft does with his money is not illegal, it may be slightly immoral, but not illegal.

Tax avoidance is not the same as Tax evasion. Evasion is not paying taxes that are due, and therefore illegal, avoidance is reducing by legal means the amount of tax that is due.

Another avoidance scheme in everyday use is mortgage relief. Is everyone in the UK who benefits from this tax avoidance scheme going to be castigated in the same way as Lord Ashcroft, no, of course not.

This latest attack on Ashcroft is the lowest form of political red herring, and whilst Labour like to promote the idea that Tax avoidance is something unsavoury, it should also be remembered that it is a Labour government who wrote the current tax code, and are the biggest benefactors of non-dom donations.

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