Internal Security – Another EU power grab

Whilst ‘I saved the world’ Brown is off saving the world yet again in between his appearances blubbering on TV, Cast Iron Dave has been trying ever so hard to keep the question of Britain’s integration into the EU ever so quiet, primarily by not allowing his carefully ‘selected’ candidates even to mention the EU.

Questions to candidates about a referendum on the EU get the CCHQ driven stock response of:

My Party and I are absolutely opposed to the United Kingdom’s absorption into a United States of Europe. As David Cameron said in his recent speech on the Conservative Party’s European policy:

“Our guiding principles will be these: we believe Britain’s interests are best served by membership of a European Union that is an association of its member states, we will never allow Britain to slide into a federal Europe and that means we will watch closely how the Lisbon Treaty works out in practice.

“We will put in place a referendum lock, so never again can a British government transfer powers to the EU without the people giving their consent in a referendum. We will enact a United Kingdom Sovereignty Bill, making clear that ultimate authority rests with our Parliament. And we will negotiate for a specific set of British guarantees that are realistic, deliverable – and essential.

“That is our programme for Government. That is the mandate we will seek at the next election.”

So tight is the control over candidates now that they may no longer write their own letters or tweets without them being ‘approved’ by CCHQ, so I wonder how many candidates are aware of what is actually going on inside the EU, and how many would be willing to ask the right questions.

I am ignoring Labour in this, as they are just sold on the idea of a Federal Europe lock stock and barrel, like their partners in crime the LibDems.

So, Parliament is off on yet another extended break and while the country is tied up with the six nations cup, the EU has been busy behind the scenes, and this latest offering will have such a massive impact on our way of life, Cameron will not be able to pass this off.

The launch of the EU Internal Security Strategy (ISS) and the Standing Committee on Internal Security will turn our traditional services on their heads. It mixes aspects of common law, commercial law, civil law and criminal law and intends to run them centrally from Brussels under the guise of ‘Security’.

Just like the activities of the Soviet Internal Security Services that this is modelled on you will begin to see that there is only 2 kinds of citizen, compliant and criminal, and this will see the rise of Interior Ministry troops, militarised civilian agencies and paramilitary police forces here in the UK, something that Dave has already alluded to.

So, a Question: Will Dave give the UK electorate a referendum on this shift of power as he has promised in the speech that his ‘chosen’ candidates keep repeating. No, thought not.

The EU has been waiting for years to launch its Internal Security Strategy (ISS) and the Standing Committee on Internal Security (COSI) which will be responsible for developing it. Back in 2003 It was thought that the Lisbon Treaty would be well in place by now, instead the Lisbon Treaty and the Stockholm Programme have come into effect at the same time. What the ISS and COSI have in common is that they both form part of the matrix of the next stage of the growing European state.

For the elimination of doubt, let me highlight what is covered by ‘Internal Security’. Note: Internal Security in this context means anything inside the borders of the EU, not individual member states.

The breadth of the EU concept of “internal security” can best be illustrated by listing some of the “threats”/areas mentioned (a list which will surely grow in the future):

– integrated border management
– law enforcement cooperation
– criminal justice systems
– civil protection/crisis management
– terrorism
– serious and organised crime
– drug trafficking,
– cyber crime
– trafficking in human beings
– sexual exploitation of minors and child pornography
– economic crime,
– corruption
– trafficking in arms
– natural and man-made disasters
– crime in general
– critical infrastructures
– document fraud
– money-laundering
– petty and property crime
– youth violence
– hooligan violence
– petty or property crime
– major international events (in public order/protests)
– football matches and sports events
and “road traffic accidents”

It becomes clear now why agencies such as SOCA, NPIA, ACPO and all their offshoots have been set up in the UK, swearing allegiance not to the crown, but to the government minister who has nominal responsibility for them, a responsibility that will soon be handed over to the newly appointed EU Government in Brussels as I highlighted a few days ago, eventually merged with EuroGendFor by Brussels. (I include link to one of those vanishing EU research projects)

You can read the full impact of these proposals and directives on the Statewatch site. This analysis is important and I urge you to read it. It will not only give you the forewarning of what is to come, but you can laugh knowingly at Dave when he presents it as his own work.

But before Cameron or Brown really start to introduce this, they will sit back whilst the forces unknown continue their work on undermining our existing MI5 & MI6 security establishment, and step in at the crucial time, saying look, our security services are completely untrusted now, its time that we reformed and rebuilt that trust….blah blah, in exactly the same way that they have done with Parliament (more to come on that).

If you, like me, don’t trust Dave to give us any kind of referendum on the EU or their policy incursions into our lives, then please use the Albion Alliance to put pressure on candidates, before they are elected, to sign up to a solemn legally binding pledge to give us all our democratic right to have our say on the EU.

Every party dreads the loss of votes. Use the power you have, tell your General Election candidate, No Pledge, No Vote.


UPDATE: 14/2/10

Oh look – reform proposals for the security services.. now who would have thought that would happen, [sic] so quickly too, just like the plethora  of pre-prepared reforms which poured forth from the waiting Guardianista wings when the expenses scandal first broke.

UPDATE 17/2/10:

Even the French are introducing the same legislation as the UK, in the teeth of fierce opposition both inside and outside parliament, the National Assembly approved, by 312 votes to 214 against, a first reading of a bill on Internal Security – the quaintly titled “LOPPSI 2”, otherwise known as Loi d’Orientation et de Programmation pour la SÈcuritÈ IntÈrieure (pdf).

The Register has the full story of the French attempts to adopt the EU Internal Security edicts without letting their population know where it derives from.



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  1. jameshigham says:

    The launch of the EU Internal Security Strategy (ISS) and the Standing Committee on Internal Security will turn our traditional services on their heads. It mixes aspects of common law, commercial law, civil law and criminal law and intends to run them centrally from Brussels under the guise of ‘Security’.

    It’s just not getting out to the people to discuss. therein lies our malaise.

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