Peter Bottomley – Localist or Globalist?

The Albion Alliance has again been writing to MPs and Candidates who will be standing in the forthcoming general election.

This time, it is to highlight the fact that they have been made aware by a number of candidates of the pressure that they have been put under not to talk or deal with the Albion Alliance, not to make any moves to sign up to the pledge, nor to campaign negatively with regards to the EU, under threat of deselection as a candidate.

In order to counter this move by the Central Offices of a few political parties, The Albion Alliance have made it possible for candidates to make their pledge to the electorate, but to have publication of that held back until the election is called and the nominations have officially closed, thereby putting their party pressures into abeyance for the intervening period.

In other words, the Albion Alliance have offered to allow Candidates to pledge in secret, until the election is called and candidates are officially on the ballot.

This is the text of the letter sent to candidates on 26/1/10:

An open letter to all PPCs standing in the 2010 General Election.

We have over the past weeks received a good deal of support for the aims and objectives of the Albion Alliance, and whilst that support has not always turned into a pledge sign up, the feedback from many candidates has been in the affirmative for the Albion Alliance and our attempts to address the democratic deficit by campaigning for a referendum on the UKs relationship with the EU, by appealing to prospective parliamentary candidates directly.

Here at Albion Alliance we are aware that some of you have been threatened by Party Central Office’s, and in one  case by a local selection committee, that should you publicly agree to sign the Albion Alliance pledge to work for such a referendum, or to campaign against the EU during the election period, then you will be deselected.

Whilst we understand your concerns, we still feel that PPCs should show the courage of their convictions and publicly sign the pledge but also understand that for many supportive PPCs deselection would defeat the object of the exercise.

So how do we counter these duplicitous behind the scene moves by Party Central Offices.

Albion Alliance have decided that we would be willing to run a secret database for those PPCs who wish to sign the pledge, but do not wish this to be made public at this time.

We will hold your pledges until such time as the election nomination process is formally closed, and publish them at that stage, a time we believe that is too late for any party to publicly deselect any candidate, but still gives you, the candidate,
time to let your electorate know that you will support their democratic right to be heard on this issue.

If you would like to participate in our Secret Pledge scheme, allowing you to do the right thing by your electorate, please let us know here on, or use the PPC Secret Pledge tick box selector within the Candidate Pledge area on our webpage.

Let your voters know that you are willing to represent them in Parliament rather than being a representative of Party or State.

Kindest Regards
James Higham, Ian Parker-Joseph, David Phipps
The Albion Alliance

Looking through the correspondence on the database, they have seen some fairly curt responses, but Peter Bottomley’s has to be the shortest reply so far. He in fact decided to use a single word. “Absurd”, although he did put his name to it.

I don’t particularly like to make assumptions, so am unsure whether the very well educated Mr Bottomley is referring to the Albion Alliance campaign as being absurd, whether the allegations of pressure from parties on their candidates is absurd, or whether Mr Bottomley regards the entire process of campaigning for the democratic rights of the public as being absurd.

If however I read his Wikipedia page:

Peter James Bottomley (born 30 July 1944) is a British politician. He is the Conservative Member of Parliament for Worthing West. A globalist, Bottomley is Treasurer of the All-Party Group for World Government.

I could assume it is the latter of the suggestions above, which must surely put him in conflict with many of his obligations as an MP to represent his constituents over and above Party or State ambitions, and in my view being a member of the All Party Group for World Government does not really represent the basic foundations of sovereign democratic government, which he is sworn to uphold.

Nor for that matter even the Conservative party policy of localism, unless of course that policy is merely a divide and rule strategy within a 277 region United States of Europe.

If any MP is promoting localism to his or her constituents to garner votes yet acting to enable a one world government when in Westminster, I may be induced to consider such actions as being not only Absurd but also anti democratic, and think that Peter Bottomley needs to be asked some pretty searching questions by his constituents on where his primary loyalty lies..


About IanPJ

Ian Parker-Joseph, former Leader of the Libertarian Party UK, who currently heads PDPS Internet Hosting and the Personal Deed Poll Services company, has been an IT industry professional for over 20 years, providing Business Consulting, Programme and Project Management, specialising in the recovery of Projects that have failed in a process driven world. Ian’s experience is not limited to the UK, and he has successfully delivered projects in the Middle East, Africa, US, Russia, Poland, France and Germany. Working within different cultures, Ian has occupied high profile roles within multi-nationals such as Nortel and Cable & Wireless. These experiences have given Ian an excellent insight into world events, and the way that they can shape our own national future. His extensive overseas experiences have made him all too aware of how the UK interacts with its near neighbours, its place in the Commonwealth, and how our nation fits into the wider world. He is determined to rebuild many of the friendships and commercial relationships with other nations that have been sadly neglected over the years, and would like to see greater energy and food security in these countries, for the benefit of all. Ian is a vocal advocate of small government, individual freedom, low taxation and a minimum of regulation. Ian believes deeply and passionately in freedom and independence in all areas of life, and is now bringing his professional experiences to bear in the world of politics.
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