The Words vs Actions of Cameron’s Conservatives.

The view of the Conservative party on the EU is still a very muddled and confused one.

Following the withdrawal of Dave’s cast iron guarantee on a referendum there has been much speculation, many references to what Dave would do in his speeches and much written about it. However, it still remains a confused position.

I always try to judge political parties in a way that matches what they say with what they do, and in this there have been 2 events over the past week that have caught my interest, because they are at total loggerheads with actions that they are taking elsewhere.

The first is the Private Members Bill (PMB) being put forward by Douglas Carswell calling for a referendum on the EU. You can read the updates to this on Carswell’s own blog. Now this action is one which I and the Albion Alliance broadly support, it is after all exactly what we are campaigning for. And there is the rub, this is where the suspicions begin to form.

I sent an email to an Albion Alliance colleague outlining my thoughts, which he then placed onto the Carswell blog. Those thoughts have been unanswered. This is what I said in my email:

I cannot help thinking that this is a blind alley by the Conservatives. Seen to be doing something that they know will ultimately will fail as they do not have any majority nor support for this in the current make-up of the Commons.
Shrug shoulders.Good conservative nudging.
Scenario. Douglas gets his PMB selected, first reading, second reading unapposed, committee, amendments, lots of amendments, watered down to be totally ineffective, third reading voted down.
conservative leadership: Look we tried, it was a conservative MP who raised this issue, it had our support but was voteddown by the majority of the house. I really think we should leave this issue now until another day, perhaps revisit it infive years time…..blah blah
As I am blocked on Carswell’s site, could I ask someone to make the comment that although Daniel is doing a sterlingjob with his PMB, the work being undertaking by The Albion Alliance campaign should not stop, indeed that we should reinforce our efforts to ensure that enough like minded MPs are returned to ensure victory in either Daniels PMB or a subsequent one in a new parliament.

So now lets move onto the second item. This one was highlighted by Tory Politico on their website yesterday.
It says:

This afternoon in the House of Commons the Conservatives will introduce a new clause to the Constitutional Reform and Governance Bill, to ensure that any future treaty that transfers powers from Parliament to the EU will be subject to a referendum.

Apart from Tory Politico, I have not seen this publicised anywhere else, and as my Albion Alliance colleague pointed out to me in an email:

That is pure ‘PR’ bollocks!

We all know that if the EU assumes (takes) competence on any subject – it happens.

So they have their referendum and the answer is no – so what is Cameron’s options? He would have to refuse and then leave the EU! So much for all his previous prevarication.

They have obviously not thought this through!!!
ps – as we all know there is not going to be another treaty – Lisbon is self-amending!!

Well, its more than self amending, Lisbon no longer exists. As I pointed out in an earlier post it has morphed itself and become a completely new EU wide treaty whilst at the same time renaming itself.

There are those who are still willing to argue and continue to con the public that this is not the case, but as the Lisbon Treaty came into force on that date (1st Dec 2009), it also morphed into a new EU wide treaty, was immediately renamed from the Treaty on the EU (TEU) to the Treaty on the Functioning of the EU. (TFEU). In other words the EU became a functioning sovereign state.

So here we see the power of Cameron PR, the kidology that is the Conservative party, appearing to give the public what they are asking for, yet knowing that as things stand, there is not a cats chance in hell of anything being done.

However, coming back to my opening statement, where these activities set themselves against their actions, is that whilst they are doing these theatre tricks in public, in private they are threatening, in the same way as other parties are, candidates who would dare to sign the Albion Alliance pledge with de-selection.

Actions have always spoken louder than words, and whilst The Albion Alliance can devise methods to counter this latest move to neuter its growing popularity, the only way the Conservate Party can come clean on its actions is to announce publicly that any candidate is free to sign up to the Albion Alliance pledge.

Lets see what develops…..

UPDATE: A comment from a post on Witterings from Witney tells us the following:

It was the Con amendment that new legislation from the EU would have to be debated and passed in both Houses was lost by 45 votes thanks to Lab/LibDem. It seems there’s also a clause in the CR&G Bill that ‘in exceptional circumstances’ EU laws can be waved through without scrutiny or debate. Happy days! There’s even less chance of getting the amendment on any new EU legislation requiring a referendum.

but then they knew that already, didn’t they!

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  1. jameshigham says:

    We’re talking melting pot here and the old dictatorship by PM is going to implode when PPCs start getting the idea they might not actually get elected if they fail to at least offer a sop to the people of the constituency.

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