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James Higham guestposts on some actions which could considerably help the cause of you getting a voice in political and social matters concerning you:

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When a man with an English heart of oak, such as William Gruff, writes:

I’d love to back the Albion Alliance, Higham, but it’s just another damp squib. There is no one with the money required to make a difference who is prepared to put it into making a difference, because we the little people don’t matter to anyone who matters.

… then I’m reminded of Frazer, in Dad’s Army who cried, “We’re doomed, we’re doomed.” As I replied to William:

William, you illustrate precisely the problem we face. If good people such as yourself will not help, will not write then yes – it’s a damp squib. But if every person does a few things such as in the next post, the cumulative effect at a sensitive time can be electric. Nothing was ever achieved by throwing up the hands.

He’s absolutely right in the sense that “we the little people don’t matter to anyone who matters”. Yes, no argument there. As individuals or even as a small group, they can divide and rule. They can ignore us with impunity and we help them along every step of the way. It is very much part part of the denizens of these isles to say, “Typical, the lying bastards,” and to moan amongst ourselves but we’ve been conditioned to do this by them.

There are things you can actually do which gives enough focus to everyone’s efforts to make a difference and it doesn’t need Sir James Goldsmith’s £20m. It requires a keyboard and an email, perhaps an envelope and stamp. You’ve heard of television ratings; well, this is political ratings at a most sensitive time.

1. Go to the Albion Alliance page and thence to the sidebar. You’ll see a silver button with “Candidate database” on it. Go in and find your constituency and the details of the MP and other candidates. We’ve listed emails for each of these and in the tab in the navbar called “Draft letters“, there is some possible wording for that letter.

Put the wording in your email, change the words to suit yourself and click “Send” on your email.

2. Go to the button in the sidebar called “I am a Voter and want to Pledge“. Click. This will take you to five options you can be involved in. One you’ve already done – writing to those candidates – but there are others as well.

One of them is contacting local media and one of them is writing, on this national issue, to candidates in at least ONE other constituency in the same way.

Local media

We ourselves doing this AA thing are three people. How the heck can we cover all the papers in the whole of the UK? Obviously we can’t and that’s where we need YOU!!!!!!! You are many millions.

Picture yourself in your neck of the woods. Your local paper arrives and somewhere in one corner of one page is an address. Take paper and pen or just use the email and write off to them, telling them what Albion Alliance is trying to do – to get candidates in the area to sign the Pledge.

Use our wording if you can’t think of what to write or write your own if you can. Either way is fine.

You can’t find the address or couldn’t be fagged looking? We’ve covered that too – click on the button labelled “Media links” and you’ll find your local paper in there. Your local radio station as well. It even gives advice on how to approach people when you do it.

Now that one little effort from you, nothing else, even if you don’t believe you can personally do anything, can make all the difference if a few hundred thousand are doing this across the country.

This is a numbers game.

Of course if you don’t believe we should have a referendum, then so be it. But if you do and if you want it, then we are providing a way through. Sure they will ignore your letter and the next one but by the third or fourth, they are starting to get the idea that something is going on here.

The Pledge

The politicians know full well that a few words supporting something cannot be brought back to them. Such words are meaningless and even a politician with integrity can be forced to change his mind along the way but if he has signed a Pledge … ah, now that’s binding in the UK, even in these cheapened times we live in.

That’s why we have a Pledge and not just words of support.

Now, what of you? What does pledging to help entail? Will we be emailing you to hold you to it? How the heck can we do that? You are many out there and besides – you can click on those options you can do and leave those you can’t do. It is in the nature of an affirmation, that you are onside with our hope that the people can get a voice on this matter.

That’s why we ask you to actually do something proactive like that.

Other campaigns

We support all campaigns which are after the same thing as us – to create a debate on the EU so that a referendum will result. There are fine campaigns out there and I’ll list them here at this site as we go along.

The one thing with us though is that we are zeroed in on MPs in a hands-on way and rather than just blogging about the state of the country and getting members, we don’t care about a club or a membership – we care only that you write to that candidate and that local media. If you want, ignore Albion Alliance and do it yourself – nothing would please us more.

There is zero ego on our part, seriously. Just write to the candidate and to the local paper.

Albion Alliance 225-225Please?

There are many who have and you can’t be held accountable if you use the wording and the emails we’ve provided at AA.

We are the ones causing the trouble – all you have to do is ask your candidates, pre-election, certain questions. That’s all.

It just takes YOU to stop the whole thing becoming a “damp squib”.


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