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What happened whilst Blair was distracting you?

The media frenzy over the arrival of Tony Blair at the Chilcott enquiry yesterday served the government an opportunity to hide some of its bad or controversial news.

The more seasoned bloggers are more than aware that government uses such high profile occasions in this manner, and true to form, never wishing to miss opportunities like this when they present themselves a couple of stories were overlooked. Continue reading

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Bloody Hell!

James Higham, on Nourishing Obscurity, has a post on the number of illegal activities created since Labour came to power. He ends: “Bloody hell – I didn’t realize it was that bad – they must really hate the people of … Continue reading

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Peter Bottomley – Localist or Globalist?

The Albion Alliance has again been writing to MPs and Candidates who will be standing in the forthcoming general election.

This time, it is to highlight the fact that they have been made aware by a few candidates of the pressure that they have been put under not to talk or deal with the Albion Alliance, not to make any moves to sign up to the pledge, nor to campaign negatively with regards to the EU, under threat of deselection as a candidate. Continue reading

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2010 UK Election guide

James Higham gives his recommendations for the General Election: With a possible announcement tomorrow from Broon that we are out of the recession [don’t believe a word of it] and a possible election date of February 25th [constituting a snap … Continue reading

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Was David Kelly ‘suicided’ to protect Blair

News that Lord Hutton had secretly, a year after the end of his enquiry, taken unprecedented action to ensure that the vital evidence surrounding David Kelly’s death remains a state secret for upto 70 years was revealed in the Mail late last night.

Could it be that the Hutton inquiry was fixed by Blair and his cohorts to produce the right result, and even now are planning to knobble the Chilcott enquiry. Continue reading

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Practical Steps: How to use the Albion Alliance site

Never underestimate the power of a small action by one or two people, repeated nationwide.

This is what has been happening in these days and weeks and the types of people beginning to contact the Albion Alliance now indicate that some people outside the blogosphere are starting to feel we might be able to make a difference. With the greatest respect to the cynical, other community groups and individuals across the UK are making contact and some see us as a tool for them. Continue reading

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Dave! Dave! They’re stealing our powers

I haven’t heard anything from Cameron the PR man about this latest power grab by the EU. Its one of those transfers of power that he promised us he would oppose, that he would grant us a referendum on. Dave! … Continue reading

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Iraq Enquiry: Jack Straw a fraction of the man that was Robin Cook.

There have been an awful lot of column inches used in the press and blogs this past week or so summarising the evidence being gathered by the Chilcott Enquiry into the Iraq War, so I shall not waste either your or my time by repeating it.

I do however wish to draw your attention to one of the most important people serving in Government at the time who will not be able to give evidence to this enquiry, namely Robin Cook. Continue reading

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The Words vs Actions of Cameron’s Conservatives.

The view of the Conservative party on the EU is still a very muddled and confused one. Following the withdrawal of Dave’s cast iron guarantee on a referendum there has been much speculation, many references to what Dave would do … Continue reading

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Just a few clicks from you can make all the difference

James Higham guestposts on some actions which could considerably help the cause of you getting a voice in political and social matters concerning you: When a man with an English heart of oak, such as William Gruff, writes: I’d love … Continue reading

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