When the method is wrong, every use of it is wrong.

Long before our Fathers and Grandfathers had to fight a war to defend the freedoms that we enjoy today (those of them that are left), the people of the Republic of Germany were subjected to a long and unrelenting campaign of persuasion in the building of the totalitarian state that later went to war.

The methods were clear, to frighten and scare the population into obedience. These efforts were driven in the main by one man, Joseph Goebbels.

His methods were wrong then, and they are wrong now. But to see the same methods being employed in the indoctrination of our children is abhorrent.

The ad campaign is put together by “Act on CO2”, the cross-department publicity machine that describes itself as “the pre-eminent behaviour change brand on climate change communications across Government”.

This is your tax money that is being used to produce what I can only describe as propaganda. If it was not acceptable to us to see Germany doing this to its own people in 1939, why would we consider it acceptable today when our Government is doing it to our children.

£6m of our money spent to scare the children

Nature have called it the Worst. Climate. Campaign. Ever. 

£6 million of our hard-earned cash went on this. The Register’s report has more detail of what has happened,  H/T ConHome

Oh, and to hell with Godwins Law. If the cap fits….. When the method is wrong, every use of it is wrong, and this country has been more than resolute in the past when such methods were used, such as in Soviet Russia, East Germany, Communist China, North Korea and many more. But then Hitler summed it up succinctly, and it seems those who would frighten and scare the population into obedience here today obviously still believe in using those same methods.

You don’t think it could possibly be linked to this do you?, because I am fast becoming of the opinion that some sections of our civil service are bordering on being sick and depraved zealots in the same way that their German and Soviet predecessors did.

But then Communitarianism (recognise the language?, yes, you heard it in all the Lib/Lab/Con conference speeches, more commonly called ‘progressive’ politics), is a hybrid of Fascism and Communism, so it is no wonder that it will adopt similar methods in its social engineering policies, such as smoking, or drinking, and the new bogey man Global Warming, but we don’t have to accept it laying down.

If you want to see history repeating itself, look no further than the clashes on our streets on a regular basis between Unite Against Fascism (UAF) and English Defence League (EDL). Both are Government supported taxpayer funded organisations. Understand that this method has been borrowed from the past also. Better still, take a read through all the links on this site, and map how much of this methodology is appearing in your daily life now.

Now watch this:
How to Brainwash a Nation

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