You F***ing What?

Sometimes, things just need to be said, and said without any punches being pulled.

This is not necessarily couched in the language that I use on an everyday basis, but this excellent posting by Dick Puddlecote (if you have not come across Dick’s blog before, I certainly recommend it), requires that it be republished in full, for Dick today speaks for the silent majority.


You Fucking What?

Having been rather busy of late, I’ve not been keeping up to speed with much of the post-Sun pronouncement Labour meltdown, but a quick skim tonight sent my red-mist-o-meter to an apoplectic blood scarlet, and I might break the limit for post tags, on reading this from Hugo Rifkind.

Shan is what we are being to Gordon Brown. We’re bullying him. It bothers me.

In terms of the things I write (and, indeed, the thing I’m planning to write tomorrow) I’m probably on dodgy ground here. But mockery and bullying, I’ve always thought, are different things. I worry that we, the British press, bloggers, ultimately the British public, are moving from one to the other.

I started thinking it last weekend when Andrew Marr asked the PM, effectively, if he was on anti depressants. Setting aside the curious assumption in the question (that if we did have a depressed PM, it would somehow be better if he wasn’t taking anything), you have to wonder what Marr hoped to gain by asking it. It wasn’t as if Mr Brown was going to break down there and then, Nixon-style, and confess everything. It wasn’t even as if Marr was after an answer at all. He just wanted to ask the question. He just wanted to land a kick on the fat kid because all the other kids were kicking the fat kid and he wanted to be the one to make him fall over.

Al Jahom has kindly pissed all over this plea for mercy in customary style.

Boo Hoo Gordo.

Bullying has been the M.O. of this government certainly since 2001, if not before.

We have to report annually to the state that nothing has changed. On pain of fines or other penalties.

We can’t smoke. We’re hectored about drinking and diet. Recycling, speeding, seat belts, pollution, flying, composting. We are denormalised. We are harassed and fined by ignorant power-crazed zealots, in uniforms that didn’t exist 10 years ago. Everywhere we go, we face directives framed in bullying terms; signs, announcements, admonishments.


This is the way of life that Labour have ushered in. A nation where the population is routinely bullied by the government.

Even in the death throes of a discredited and widely despised administration, the clunking fist of state threats continue, and even extend further, as they plead with other countries to join in the bullying of the British public if the particular freedom is out of their direct control.

What’s more, this attitude has created a disease amongst the previously quiet bitterness-peddlers whereby every arrogant cunt with a superiority complex is now heavily encouraged to treat their fellow citizens with contempt and mistrust.

This Labour government has become evil beyond compare, and still can’t see the lasting damage to society that they have created.

Empowered by an administration which has lorded the playground and singled out groups for insults and condescension, every small-minded curtain-twitcher and selfish, holier-than-thou cunt has crawled out from under their particular rock and spilt forth their bile on those that Labour have deemed as unworthy.

Message boards seethe with hatred and division, and vile abuse is thrown at the Labour-labeled untermensch without a hint of compassion.

Even health professionals are allowed to advocate death sentences, on those Labour have condemned, without being held to account.

I am writing to tell you that the investigating committee panel has considered this referral and has decided there is no case to answer.

The innocent are considered guilty, the victimised are told to just accept it or be prosecuted, while those who created this country of ire and misery refuse to accept any kind of criticism.

And we’re meant to feel sorry for Gordon fucking Brown?

Fuck you, Brown. At any time since you took office in Downing Street, you could have stopped all this. You could have ceased the bullying of your countrymen with a single well-aimed Nokia, yet you chose not only to allow it to continue, but also presided over a massive escalation of the marginalisation of significant minorities, and you actively encouraged the rapid growth of the bully state.

All the while, using our money to do it, and also putting us all in debt for the next half century without a single day of mercy or pity for those whose lives you were destroying.

When faced with a bully and his weasel cohorts in a playground, the best way of disabling them is to hit back hard against the bully-in-chief.

You ARE that head bully, Brown. The only thing that would make me think you didn’t deserve to have your life utterly destroyed would be if you were to admit that you and your disgusting, vindictive, spiteful party have institutionalised hate and that you are abjectly sorry for it.

You not only won’t do that, you actually still perpetuate the myth that you are somehow respectable members of society. Your congratulation of your fellow bullies in your Labour Conference speech was staggering and nauseating at the same time. You have no remorse, which is why the justified payback you are now receiving is perfectly fair.

You talk of tackling anti-social behaviour? There is only one group which should be tackled in this respect. That is the Labour party and their destruction of morals, respect for others, and tolerance.

What goes around, comes around. Live with it.


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