Information is Power 3 – The EU Security Industrial Complex

This post follows on from the previous one. In that post I published the ICAMS report, in this one we point you to the The EU Security Industrial Complex report, produced by Statewatch.

The Author, Ben Hayes says in his opening statement:

Despite the often benign intent behind collaborative European ‘research’ into integrated land, air, maritime, space and cyber-surveillance systems, the EU’s security and R&D policy is coalescing around a high-tech blueprint for a new kind of security.
It envisages a future world of red zones and green zones; external borders controlled by military force and internally by a sprawling network of physical and virtual security checkpoints; public spaces, micro-states and ‘mega events’ policed by high-tech surveillance systems and rapid reaction forces; ‘peacekeeping’ and ‘crisis management’ missions that make no operational distinction between the suburbs of Basra or the Banlieue; and the increasing integration of defence and national security functions at home and abroad.
It is not just a case of “sleepwalking into” or “waking up to” a “surveillance society”, as the UK’s Information Commissioner famously warned, it feels more like turning a blind eye to the start of a new kind of arms race, one in which all the weapons are pointing inwards (towards its citizens).
Ben Hayes of Statewatch.

Now, for those who say this is pie in the sky, it will never happen, the technology is not good enough etc etc, then think on. If you have flown anywhere in the US, Canada or Europe, if you have have conducted a single banking transaction larger than £500, if you have made an international telephone call, booked a hotel or car by credit card, then this from Computer Weekly may change your mind.

More than 1.5 billion government and private sector records about US citizens and foreigners are stored in an FBI database, declassified documents have revealed.

The database is kept at the FBI’s National Security Branch Analysis Center (NSAC) near Washington, according to the documents acquired under a freedom of information request by US magazine Wired.

Data has been drawn from a wide variety of sources, including records of international travel, hotel bookings, car rentals, department store transactions and active aircraft pilots.

The FBI data mining system brings the US government closer than ever to implementing the Total Information Awareness system proposed by the Pentagon after September 11.

I urge you to read the report, the The EU Security Industrial Complex, it may just open your eyes to the EU politics that are on offer from the LibDems, Labour and the Conservative party.

If this is the future you want, just keep voting for them..

You already know where the alternative is


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