Cameron the PR man is The Great Pretender

Little Jennifer looked up despairingly at her mother, tugging desperately at her mother’s arm and  interrupting her mid evening viewing of the now out of date Location, Location, Location and her own shattered dreams.

“Is that nice Mr Cameron going to save us all from the big nasty Mr Brown mummy?” she enquired, “Is he really going to let Daddy work as much overtime as he wants to buy me toys, and is he going to let me choose my own school, because I want to be a train driver when I grow up, and will he make the nasty man from the council stop taking all Daddy’s money, and will he keep our post office open so that I can save my pocket money there, and will he make all those silly teachers in school stop scaring me and my friends, because they keep telling me that the world is going to end unless I report Daddy for driving a big car, and tell them what we had for dinner last night and whether you switch out my light when I go to bed, and will he stop the nasty nasty policemen from arresting Daddy every time he goes to London because they say he did something nasty 10 years ago and its in their database, even though he didn’t do it…..?

“Please darling,  stop crying now. Nice Mr Cameron will pretend to make it all go away so you don’t see it any more. Now that the banks are Nationalised, Daddy can borrow the money for your toys rather than work overtime for it, because Mr Cameron is frightened of the even bigger badder man in Brussels so he can’t let Daddy work overtime. He might let you choose your own school darling, but the silly man in the council will still have to tell you what you can learn. Daddy needs his big car because we live in a road that hasn’t been repaired for 10 years, but the silly teachers have been told to ask you anyway, its not their fault darling, but Mr Cameron cant do anything about that because he is frighted that those nasty people in Brussels will tell him off”.

“There, there darling, we can play a game, shall we play we can pretend. Lets pretend its all gone away and the nice Mr Cameron did it for us”.

Unfortunately that nearer the truth than you think, with only a week to go before the EU elections, elections to a supranational body that no-one in the UK except politicians have agreed to, we have a major constitutional speech by David Cameron, and he seems to be doing a lot of pretending.

He says a lot does our David Cameron to keep the Jennifer’s and the parents of this world happy, except what they really need to know.

Cameron knows that he cannot speak about or discuss the EU, because to do so will bring the whole rotten deceit out into the open, so in a speech delivered like a true PR man, along with questions from the audience and an interactive twitter session, the subject of the EU is never mentioned. If the questions were asked (yes I asked), they were never answered.

When you want people to vote for your party in the EU elections, why wont you discuss the European Union Mr Cameron?

He speaks of reform, he speaks of change, as if the UK has not been through enough change over the past 30 years, he does indeed speak of yet more change, but this time it is different. A PR man he may be, but an Obama he is not. He tells us that he wants to give more power closer to the people.

So what exactly does that mean, what will it give to you, the voter. Well the answer is, simply nothing.

What it does do however is put into place the last part of the redistribution of power, started by Blair in 1997, designed to move ‘power’ away from National Government to Regional Governments under the EU. The final element of destruction of the nation state in favour of an EU of the Regions.

Lets take a look at Cameron’s speech, and see just how it maps onto the EU agenda, so that you can decide whether Cameron is really trying to help you, or to help himself and the EU achieve their goals.

He begins perfectly well, firstly outlining what is wrong in his own party, and to be quite honest I have no interest in that, other than to join the long list of complainants who wish to see justice served on those who have misappropriated taxpayer funds rather than the limp wristed approach of repayment and de-selection.  Like any good PR man, and lets not forget that Cameron is a PR man by trade, he then goes on to identify where the anger in the nation lays, or to be more accurate where he thinks it lays.

His summing up of the problem areas is extensive and fairly accurate, even though every one of the problems he outlines can be accurately mapped to the Fiscal Equalisation plan set by the OECD, who are more than quite open in their assessment of the consequences.

“Fiscal equalisation is an explicitly redistributive programme, and as such is highly controversial”….. “is likely to dominate any other aspect of potential arrangements such as efficiency, transparency or else sub-central autonomy”.

So yes, Cameron is spot on when he identifies the problems even if he fails to mention the cause but then he hits a problem. He tells his first outright lie when he identifies this:

We rage that the local post office was shut down because some bureaucrat or management consultant in a distant glass tower decided it didn’t make enough money…

His first outright lie and his first avoidance of directly mentioning the EU. The public are not stupid, they already know that the EU issued a directive for the break-up of National postal services, in all 27 member states, and that they must become supranational in make-up, thereby allowing regulatory control to fall under the EU remit and removing it from national control.

Its a shame, because he was doing so well up to this point, but a lie is a lie.

Previously the subject has just been ignored, but not even blushing at that, Cameron the PR man pushed on, moving to the Lack of Responsibility that we all know and meet every day. This section of his speech is faultless, to the point where I think he must have been reading the Libertarian Party blogs all week whilst preparing for this speech, especially when he gets to the Social Breakdown section. Its perfect.

But his solutions are not.

He does little if nothing to explain how we have moved in the period of a week from catching MP’s with their fingers in the till to the need for major constitutional reform, from internal party politics to national despair.

There was always the air of engineered events when the Telegraph broke the first of a long tirade of exposures of the dealings of MP’s. The Telegraph and Guardian were so quick off the mark with requirements and ‘solutions for change’ that the suspicion of a put up job just made the alarm bells ring out loud right across the nation. A manufactured crisis for political purposes, and so it is, and here it is according to PR man Cameron.

The Redistribution of Power.

Camerons opening passage:

“Our philosophy of progressive Conservatism – the pursuit of progressive goals through Conservative means – aims to reverse this”.

This should tell you all you need to know. Progressive Conservatism. This is where Nudge comes in.

With the Conservatives new best buddies the Fabians, and their board appointments to Demos, the Conservatives are about to attempt to pull off the biggest sleigt of hand that Britain has ever seen, or ‘not seen’ as they hope. They intend to continue the work of the Labour Government but with such a huge sugar coating you wont even be able to see it. Its called Europe of the Regions, and Cameron is going to continue on the road to regionalisation and the slow death of national government until its totally irreversable and better off being scrapped.

Right, lets now get to the nitty gritty. Lets look at what he said:

To reverse our social atomisation by giving people the power to work collectively with their peers to solve common problems.

Ah, collectivism, a good Fabian precept for all that is to follow.

We need a massive, sweeping, radical redistribution of power.From the state to citizens; from the government to parliament; from Whitehall to communities.

From Brussels to Britain; from judges to the people; from bureaucracy to democracy.

Through decentralisation, transparency and accountability we must take power away from the political elite and hand it to the man and woman in the street.

It is that redistribution of power that I want to focus on today.

Sounds really good doesn’t it, its almost the same as the Libertarian Party are calling for, but there is a huge difference.

Cameron does not talk of sovereignty, or of rights, or of governing, he speaks of power, power under the guise of democracy. You will see it right throughout his speech, devolving power, political power, individual power, but never consensual governing. Libertarians are about consent, consent of the individual for those elected to govern by consent, not to have power. Just bear that in mind as we wade through his speech.

Cameron says:

“Politicians, and the senior civil servants and advisors who work for them, instinctively hoard power because they think that’s the way to get things done”.

Then says:

Every decision government makes, it should ask itself a series of simple questions:Does this give power to people, or take it away?

Could we let individuals, neighbourhoods and communities take control?

How far can we push power down?

Again, see the wording, its not about giving people back their rights, liberties or consent to govern, its about who should have the power or control.

He speaks of education, moving the power (its so repetitive, but important):

Our reforms will take the power over children’s education out of the council’s hands and put it directly in parents’ hands, so they have control.We will end the state monopoly in state education, so that any suitably qualified organization can set up a new school…

…and any parent who isn’t happy with the education their child is receiving can send their child to a new school…

…backed by state money, including a new extra payment for children from the poorest families.

This is the kind of redistribution of power that will be the starting point for a Conservative government: transferring power and control directly to individuals.

Here he speaks of ‘State money’ and again about redistribution of power.

One of the fundamental problems and reasons for the rage that Cameron has totally ignored, and is a sure sign of those who still believe in state control and wealth distribution is the use of taxpayers money and calling it State money. There is no state money!, it’s taxpayers money.

Even in this short statement on education he shows how he believes in state control, as he could end the state monopoly on schooling any time, but he still wants to retain the power over who would be qualified to set up a new school, which means more regulation and no giving up of that state control.

If he really wanted to devolve that ‘power’, he would give parents the right to decide on the educational qualifications of those who taught their children.

As late as only last month, Cameron was talking about the NPfIT and the NHS spine network. Patient records are a very contentious issue, and people naturally view their records as private, yet Cameron was calling for the Government to scrap or curtail the spending from Government, yet give all the data to Google to handle.

Cameron said the Tories would also look closely at the National Programme for IT – the controversial and expensive NHS modernisation programme.Echoing last September’s policy review, he called for a decentralised approach to replace the highly-centralised project.

Cameron singled out the “Electronic Patient Records system” as an example of Labour’s wasteful spending. Imagining how the Tories might have implemented such a project, Cameron said: “You don’t need a massive central computer to do this. People can store their health records securely online, they can show them to whichever doctor they want… But best of all in this age of austerity, a web-based version of the government’s bureaucratic scheme services like Google Health or Microsoft Health Vault cost virtually nothing to run.”

This is serious Nudging, no loss of government authority over your records yet making people believe that by using Google or Microsoft their records would be far safer. Its not about the money stupid. Its about rights, its about privacy, its personal. Cameron’s work seriously smacks of Corporatism.

Now we move on to Local Power, and now it really begins to get interesting, and really disengenious.

He opens this section with:

But it’s not always possible to give power back to individuals, and in those cases, we need to do the next best thing: redistributing power to neighbourhoods and local government.

Its the power thing again, and to bring that home, he does not mean giving you more say, he means instilling that power in bodies over which you have no control. Look:

Our plans for housing will give real control over the size, shape, look and feel of their community back to local people. …through new Local Housing Trusts, neighbourhoods will themselves have the power to build the homes they want.

Trusts, Charities, Quangos. The unseen government. The people who run them may be local to you, but you can bet your last pound they wont be answerable to you. Do you have a direct say in your NHS trust?, or your local Housing Association?. More corporatism at play. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

He also says:

And we’re going to empower local councils by cutting right back on all the interference and instructions from central government – the rules and restrictions, the targets and inspections.

But where are the repeals of the laws that so many Conservative councils have been abusing and the source of much of the anger from voters, such as RIPA and other Terror legislation and the Fixed Penalty Notices issued on a whim by council employees (yes, 80% of all reported abuses are Conservative controlled councils).
Where are the promises of removing abuses by councils of the racketeering by such organisations as Solace. None, not to be acknowledged, not to be discussed.

And it wont be will it, because Cameron is going to give them even more ‘Power’:

Newly empowered councils will be able to keep the proceeds of any activities that boost local economic growth……and through a new ‘general power of competence’ will be able to do literally whatever they like as long as it’s legal – creating solutions to local problems without getting permission from the centre.

Well lets face it, all that snooping is legal, local authorities having access to your bank accounts, phone, fax, internet records is legal, raising revenue because you overfilled your bins is legal, the fixed penalty notices are legal, speed cameras are legal and lots more. This is where the anger is Cameron, this is where people have lost trust. Will Cameron abolish all this?, Nah, because you know and I know its all about power. The power to control you.

Cameron said it himself:

For the last few weeks I’ve been up and down the country campaigning, meeting Conservative councillors. …Of course we can trust them with more power and control.

Yes of course we can. That really does tell you what this is about, power..

But the biggest sleigt of hand that Cameron delivers in this section is this:

We’re going to get rid of pointless and unaccountable regional government and bureaucracy, and we’ll end the central ring-fencing of local budgets.

Why is this a sleigt of hand? Here Cameron is doing a Gordon Brown, reannouncing something that was announced earlier and forgotten, but let me explain.

The only reason Regional Assemblies are pointless is that they have already been announced to be abolished (July 2007), but what was not abolished and what Cameron again failed to mention, are the EU controlled RDA’s, who have assumed the powers of the Regional Assemblies already, each year spending millions upon millions of your tax money and exerting a huge amount of control over local and Unitary authorities.

But, here again we see Cameron avoiding talking about anything EU. He will not discuss the fact that Local and Unitary authorities already work into the unelected RDA’s, this transfer of power will just codify their existence, mopping up those authorities that have avoided this so far.

Understand that the RDA’s are the central focus of the British regions of the EU. So again, not to be acknowledged, not to be discussed. How many people have heard of the RDA’s? How many people understand just how really powerful these RDA’s are? Not many, because our politicians flatly refuse to discuss matters EU. Cameron the PR man is no exception.

So lets do it for him. Lets talk about the EU and how their influence is going to shape Cameron’s policy. No, let me rephrase that. Cameron is going to implement the EU regionalisation policy and he thinks you wont notice. Cameron the PR man doing The Great Pretender.

Cameron speaks of a small parliament, reducing the number of MP’s from 650 (at the next GE) by at least 10%. Douglas Carswell wants more down to 500, and others are calling for that figure to be as little as 150. So lets look at the numbers and the reasoning behind it..

MP’s are currently elected on the basis of approximately 73,000 constituents, boundary changes occur when a constituency get a bigger or small population, with a recent boundary change seeing the number of MP’s rise from 646 currently to the 650 for the next election.

However, note carefully Cameron’s words.

So at the election we will include proposals in our manifesto to ask the Boundary Commission to reduce the House of Commons, initially by ten per cent.

Initially. As power is devolved out to the regions, the need for MP’s in the centre will decrease, logical yes, but devious. Nearly all the other EU states have parliaments with a figure of 150 representatives. We know how the EU loves conformity and uniformity, so it not unreasonable to assume that this will be Cameron’s final target figure.

In the UK, there are 133 NUTS/Level 3, 37 NUTS/Level 2 and 12 Regions or NUTS/Level 1. We know that Level 2 will eventually be abolished and with a few boundary changes it is easy to see how a figure of 150 representatives can be reached, eventually giving us 138 Level 3’s and 12 Regional Governors/Ministers. But he wont have to get there until 2020.

The interim move, will have 443 MP’s drawn from LAU Level1, 37 from NUTS Level2 and 12 Regional Governors/Ministers, giving a total of 492, closer to the Carswell figure of 500.

If you are unsure what NUTS/LAU’s are there is an explanation here, along with the figures for the UK, and in case you were wondering who put this together, it was of course the EU, and their spreadsheet is attached at the bottom.

Cameron will continue these changes using the salami slicing method, lots of Nudges and lots of spin. We know this is occurring because we already have an example of how lies and spin are being used to cover the real agenda by the present government.

I know that Dan Hannan and Douglas Carswell effectively wrote an awful lot of what Cameron is telling us today, but I just know, and you know that whilst we remain in the EU it can never be put into action.

So where is the promise, the cast iron promise of a referendum under all circumstances to decide whether we stay in or come out. There isnt one. To watch him squirm and evade when that question was put to him by Andrew Marr, leaves me with no doubts that the option for us to vote on the EU is not even on the radar let alone the table.

Cameron has publicly stated several things over the past year.
He has stated that he is not a Libertarian, but here he is today outlining what under normal circumstances I would call a Libertarian manifesto. With all deference to Hannan & Carswell and their work ‘The Plan‘ which Cameron has used extensively here, I think you have just been suckered..
He has also stated that he wants to occupy the ground held by Tony Blair. We all know where Blair was taking us and it isn’t good.

I have no wish to live in an EU region, I have a country and I wish to regain it. Unfortunately Cameron’s plan comes nowhere near fulfilling my idea of a safe, secure, free and independent UK.

Cameron is not a man to trust, in fact, Cameron the PR man is The Great Pretender.

Can you do better than Cameron and his discredited Tories? If you want to stand as an MP in the next General Election against these self serving politicians, then send an email to and help us work towards solving the problems of the UK. Stand as a Libertarian Candidate and let Cameron know that this kind of trickery and the Conservatives are finished.

If you want to see the restoration of Sovereignty, the re-assertion of
the Rule of Law with the reduction in coercion and the increase in
consent that this brings, there is only one choice – The Libertarian Party, UK.


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Ian Parker-Joseph, former Leader of the Libertarian Party UK, who currently heads PDPS Internet Hosting and the Personal Deed Poll Services company, has been an IT industry professional for over 20 years, providing Business Consulting, Programme and Project Management, specialising in the recovery of Projects that have failed in a process driven world. Ian’s experience is not limited to the UK, and he has successfully delivered projects in the Middle East, Africa, US, Russia, Poland, France and Germany. Working within different cultures, Ian has occupied high profile roles within multi-nationals such as Nortel and Cable & Wireless. These experiences have given Ian an excellent insight into world events, and the way that they can shape our own national future. His extensive overseas experiences have made him all too aware of how the UK interacts with its near neighbours, its place in the Commonwealth, and how our nation fits into the wider world. He is determined to rebuild many of the friendships and commercial relationships with other nations that have been sadly neglected over the years, and would like to see greater energy and food security in these countries, for the benefit of all. Ian is a vocal advocate of small government, individual freedom, low taxation and a minimum of regulation. Ian believes deeply and passionately in freedom and independence in all areas of life, and is now bringing his professional experiences to bear in the world of politics.
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