Britain is politically dead and I am frightened

Brilliant article by Prodicus

Dead countries almost always give birth to dictatorships. Remember that old one about for evil to prosper, all that's needed is for good men to do nothing?

When it comes to voting, most good men (OK, and women… yada yada) under 35 are doing nothing. They know of no reason to vote. They see politics and politicians as nothing to do with them.

Well, thank you, the nation's teachers and education authorities. Fine work over the past thirty years or so, during which your left wing all shall have prizes and let's not teach British history 'curriculum' has so successfully disenfranchised the younger half of the electorate. Brilliant. Fucking brilliant. Lenin must be so proud.

This apathy and ignorance scares the hell out of me.

It was not always thus. When I was a child, both the Mirror and the Sun were highly political, as was the News of the World. The newspapers read by the lower orders, in the days before the flourishing of the new celebrity religion, concerned themselves with moral, ethical and political causes, and the average citizen was well aware that the word 'politics' meant something quite different from the word 'politician'. One heard political discussions in pubs and on buses as often as one heard talk of football. It wasn't just a myth about Dubliners. It was true of Londoners, too. And in those days, they voted.

But, no longer.

There is an almost total disconnection between the greater part of the population and their elected representatives. Politicians are objects of contempt. Government, in contrast, is the blessed source of… everything. Butler, Beveridge, Lloyd George and Attlee would weep to see what their beloved Welfare State has become, and done. It has utterly demoralised the population and made them government clients, and they in turn are now supine, somnolent, politically narcoleptic and becoming de-socialised.

In consequence and unsurprisingly, Britain now has (and one might fairly argue, needs) the greatest concentration of surveillance equipment in the modern West. Our government's is the world's most extensive DNA database. With a government which is contemptuous of history, democracy and the people secure in office thanks to the blind (sic) support of the apathetic masses, the tools are being placed in readiness for use by the next dictator. With Britain at the heart (oh, yes) of the appallingly antidemocratic European Union, things could not look rosier for Hitler's spiritual heirs.

And is the EU Treaty of Lisbon, which fewer than three per cent of our population regards as important, part of this disheartening scenario? Yes. It's the biggest nail yet in Democracy's coffin, ready for her burial alongside her terminally sick sister, Liberty.

What is going on now across the EU is a breathtaking affront to democracy. National electorates are being systematically and cynically cut out of the ratification process to prevent a repeat of the French and Dutch votes. Everybody – and I do mean everybody – knows that the Constitution has been repackaged precisely so politicians can lie that it is not really the constitution and that, ergo, it doesn't require a referendum.

The Lib Dems are as complicit in this anti-democratic outrage as anyone. Let them do as their natures dictate but, please, never let us have to listen to another Lib Dem lecture us about the importance of democratic participation, accountability and ‘fair votes’. They belong to the “get stuffed, we’re breaking our promise; you're not getting a vote because we fear you will vote the wrong way” party.

Source: Commenter 'Don' on February 10th, 2008 at 11:57 .

And so Britain's… and Europe's… political leaders… Blair, Brown, Merkel, Barroso… soi-disant democrats all, of course, are steadily heaping the burning brands on their own funeral pyre. And ours.

And fewer than three per cent of the British people care.

NuLab – Destroying Britain from the inside out.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great post… It's a shame.
    It's like watching a boat go over a waterfall except all the people on the boat are looking the other way.