Police fighting for its life as independant service

The UK police are now fighting for their very existence as an independent force who swear allegiance to the Crown.

We have written many times that this government is slowly removing all vestiges of Crown allegiance across all sectors of Government and creating Agencies that only have loyalty to their political masters. In this case the government's long term plan, enacted over the past 10 years to create a political police force in the UK.

In her response to Gordon Brown's parliamentary answer during PMQ's that Police numbers are rising, and reacting to publication of the police service strength report published
today, Jan Berry, Chairman of the Police Federation of England and
Wales, says:

“We are bitterly disappointed that,
despite assurances of record numbers, we saw a fall of 647 police
officers in England and Wales during the six months to September
2007.This at a time when ring fenced funding for CSO’s was extended for
another year, and we saw an 80% increase in CSOs between October 2006
and September 2007. We had predicted this, but take no pleasure being
proved right.

“However the real kick in the stomach comes from
our chief officers, who instead of demanding no decline in police
officer numbers, trumpet an increase in police personnel. They may be
prepared to sell police officers down the river, but we will fight to
ensure that the politically independent multi-skilled police constable
remains at the heart of policing.”

Let me reiterate that last sentence:
They may be
prepared to sell police officers down the river, but we will fight to
ensure that the politically independent multi-skilled police constable
remains at the heart of policing.

We have known this for a long time, we have written about it many times, including the similarities in method of NuLabour's policies and those of Stalin and Hitler in changing their police forces into political police, who are dependent upon political patronage for their survival and therefore subsequent use, but it has taken the Police themselves to finally bring this out into the open and into the public domain.

Jan Berry deserves our support. Jan Berry must have our support. We as free people must demand a police force free from political interference.

Does the single minded determination for 90 day detention by this government now also make sense?

But you dont have to believe me when I say that this government is acting like Stalin or Hitler, this is Nicholas Winterton's view on the curtailment of the EU Constitition Lisbon Treaty farce debate.

motion is misguided and is an abuse of the House. I would normally
hesitate to say this, but to my mind this sort of tactic would not have
been untypical of Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union. Such a tactic is
shameful and an abuse of the House”.

Hansard 28 Jan 2008 : Column 111

NuLab – Destroying Britain from the inside out.


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