The banality of tyranny

There is an excellent article written by Tom Paine, who presents The Last Ditch blog, entitled The banality of tyranny.

Tom has been reading Imperium by the late Ryszard Kapuscinski. It is a collection of reportage about Kapuscinski’s journeys in the Soviet Union, and I have to say that it reminds me of the Empire that is now being built across western Europe, and the political and social changes that we all see here in the UK, but alas, some can see more clearly than others.

I begin not with the link to Tom's article, but a quote from a commenter, as this is just as poignant as the article itself.

I've wondered many a time about how such people manage to justify what they do for the state.

Although I look upon times such as these and think they should never
happen again I feel that our socialist masters look upon those times
simply as going a bit down the wrong track. Won't happen again as this
time we will do it differently.

The link to the article is here, it is well worth reading, moreso it is worth remembering. Then ask yourself, what are you doing for the state?. Can you justify it? Can you really sleep easy ?

Do we in Britain really want to be part of this larger empire called Europe, that those in the European Commission who are unelected are forcing us into, changing our lives and society beyond recognition, because we must always remember, that when peoples are coerced into alliances such as the EU without their express consent, the only way to keep the empire together will be by force.

The ONLY way to keep the EU together in the coming years will be by force.


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