Just what the hell is happening to my country.

A re-post from Jan 30th 2007, its more relevant now than it was then….

Just what the hell is happening to
my country. 


I am watching
story after story unfold of lies, corruption, incompetence and cover up.

I am watching a
Prime Minister, Tony Blair being investigated for fraud, for deceit, for
perverting the course of justice. On TV I hear him telling lies, in the news I
read more stories. Tales of fund raising secret from the Labour Party
treasurer, tales of Peerages being supplied as reward, tales of secret email
systems and accounts, private Pipex broadband into No10 separate from the
government system. 

I am seeing Peers
of the Realm being arrested, interviewed under caution for perverting the
course of justice.

I am seeing 3 of
the Prime Ministers staff being arrested and interviewed in the same way for
the same things.

I am seeing The
Chancellor, Gordon Brown who is just waiting for the PM to fall from grace, so
he can take over, being investigated by the Charities Commission for his
association with the Smith Institute.  

He is also being
investigated by multitudes of bloggers who are beginning to put their heads
together and put the picture in place, and the picture is beginning to show
signs of fraud, of corruption and more deceit, the results of which will be no
doubt handed to the proper authorities in time.

The Chancellor
and the Treasury have refused to answer FOI requests regarding this subject and
have not yet answered written questions in the House made to them in January. 

I am seeing the
Charities Commission investigating the Smith Institute, a secretive and shady
organisation that claims to be a charity, yet appears to be setting government
policy, which is just not on, where members of its board of trustees also own
the Limited Company SI Events that organises its meetings with and in No.11,
over 200 times to date, that also shares the same office and has the same
staff.  The Offices (and most of the
staff) are leased to the Smith Institute and SI Events by The New Statesman,
owned by Geoffrey Robinson, the ex paymaster general who lent all that money to
Mandleson, and put his own fortune into ‘trusts’ in Jersey to avoid tax.

Companies House
tells us that SI Events ltd last filed accounts on
31/03/2006, are ‘small’, but highlighted documents
are not yet ready for inspection. Do I smell tax fiddles as well here? You can
learn more here
and here.  Even the Smith Institute web site is
registered to the New Stateman. 

There seems to be
more dirt, sleaze, corruption, lies and illegality at No11 than in the Prime
Ministers office, and this guy wants Tony Blair’s job?

I am seeing the
European Minister Geoff Hoon telling the cross-party European Scrutiny
Committee that he votes for European legislation even though it might not be

I am seeing a
Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell who during an investigation of her Husband by
Italian authorities into Fraud allegations claimed that she managed to sign a
mortgage form for hundreds of thousands of pounds and casually
“forgot” about it.

I am seeing the
Ministry of Defence spend £2.3 billion to refurbish its
Whitehall headquarters with marble, teak and maple, whilst our fighting men are
short of equipment and dying because of it, and provided with housing which is in a “squalid” and “shaming” condition. 

I am seeing the
Inland Revenue [Now Revenue and Customs] use a 'sale and leaseback' arrangement
with a tax haven company to 'avoid' tax on their OWN property estate.

I am seeing big
business being rewarded over and over again, with bigger and newer contracts no
matter how many times they fail to deliver. 

I am seeing the
DWP loosing money hand over fist £167 million per year, because the systems
that big business put in for them doesn’t work. 
That’s our money.

I am seeing a
Home Secretary John Reid who doesn’t appear to be able to organise a piss up in
a brewery. 

I am seeing over 26000 new laws that take away my rights.

I am seeing more
secretive government, with new laws being passed to stop me seeing what they
do, yet with this level of corruption and lies, we need to see more of what
they do. 

Government is
spending our money quicker than a pissing competition.  This nation is bust, broke, and still they
tell the lies, hide the facts, smile and find something new to put taxes on.


Corruption, Lies,
Fraud –
Just what the hell is going on. 



The Government
now has over 4 million camera’s watching us. 

The Government
listen to your phone calls.

The Government read
your emails.

The Government
read your text messages.

They know where
you go, who you see, what you say.

They know what
you drive, where you drive, when you drive.

They know where
you shop, what you buy, and how often.

They know what
you spend, how you pay for it, where you spend it.

They know who you
bank with, how much you have, and where you got it.

And they put it
all on databases, and they want to share it with everyone, and in some cases
just sell it.

And they want to
put it on an ID card so its all in one place. 

And all the big
companies that are in bed with government will know where you shop, how much
you earn, and what you drive. Just wait for the sales junk to arrive.

They want to take
your medical records and put that on a database as well, but because its going
to be such a big wide open system, the big companies will soon know that as

The clerk in the car
hire firm will soon know all about your boils and gout, and how many heart
attacks you have had, and you’ll have to pay more for the services and
insurance you get, after you’ve given them your fingerprints.

And they pass yet
more laws to stop us seeing what they are doing.


And I think What the Hell is going on. 


The Government
have given themselves powers, lots of powers.


Power to arrest
you for doing nothing.

Power to detain
you for doing nothing for 28 days.

Power to enter
and search your home after arrest for doing nothing.

Power to
fingerprint you after arrest and keep them for 100 years for doing nothing.

Power to take your
DNA after arrest and keep it for 100 years
for doing nothing.

Power to give you
an ASBO after arrest for doing nothing.

Power to make
illegal things you to do that the rest of us can do legally, for doing nothing.

Power to make you
live in a hostel away from your family for doing nothing.

Power to stop you
travelling for doing nothing.

Power to put you
behind bars for 5 years if you don’t do what the ASBO says for doing nothing.

Power to detain
you indefinitely and force you to take medication for doing nothing except
having a treatable mental condition.

Power to enter
your office.

Power to search
and seize.

Power to bug your

Power to bug your

Power to bug your

And its not just policemen
that can do that.  Its HMRC, the new
political police SOCA, Weights and Measures, The BAA. The FSA, NHS, OfCom and
Social Services.


Some people must
wonder if my thought processes are amongst the conspiracy theorists, preaching
doom and gloom. Well its all available in the public domain, all of the Acts of
Parliament which allow them to do this stuff can be read here, and if I hadn’t taken the
time to look it up I would agree with you.

But with every
bit of new technology that they want to use on us, every new law which makes it
easier for them to spy, probe, gather information and put us away, I am tending
to start to think that there is something in some of these theories.


How about this
stuff below,


reported in The Sun (also known as the
mouthpiece of No10).

January 17 memo seen by The Sun discusses the cameras, which can see through

says “detection of weapons and explosives will become easier” and says cameras
could be deployed in street furniture.

X-ray cameras in lamp-posts !!. (right,
so hundreds of bored ex traffic wardens are going to be given the opportunity
to watch kids walking about naked

cameras, officials are also considering systems known as millimetre wave
imaging and THz imaging and spectroscopy.

Technology could
also be used to halt theft, with fingerprint scanners fitted to many items.

(can see that working in the supermarket,
baked beans 45p, oops the scanner says your wanted for fraud, hang on just
calling the cops

Elsewhere, tagged
offenders could be sent electronic pulses to remind them not to re-offend. (I suppose explosive charges in necklaces
will be next

Cops would also
get the power to build yet another database of everyone in the land.
Three-dimensional CCTV pictures would be coupled with records of people’s
mobile phones and even their travel cards to get details of their movements and

recognition systems to help track individuals’ movements are also being


And this in the Telegraph

Tony Blair's
strategy unit says the Government should consider drastic crime-curbing
remedies, such as rationing the amount of alcohol people can buy, a ban on
alcohol advertising, ID chip implants, the use of bounty hunters and
“chemical castration” for sex offenders. The 60-page report, Policy
Review: Crime, Justice and Cohesion, written last month, also makes
controversial observations about social cohesion. (another nail in the coffin of innocent before proven guilty, and you’ve
done your time when you get out

 Note: ID chip implants for prisoners announced by Jack Straw Jan 08.  Stalin would have been so proud.

With every new
story, with every new crazy idea, which they are seriously considering
otherwise there would not be government policy documents like this, with every
new use that technology could possibly be put to in order to control us, the
people, the words of the so called conspiracy theorists are becoming ever more

have labelled them nutters, living in a fantasy world, a marble short of a

just look at all the above, see what they have done, see some of what they are
planning and you tell me who’s mad.


are they?  Read yesterdays blog to get some idea about who they are.

Maybe George Orwell did get it right after all.

The NuLab government of Gordon Brown has ensured that we in the UK are now part of that same Authoritarian world.

you are sick of being spied on by your own government, being told what
to do, what to eat and drink, being told what you can and cannot say or think,
having your personal data forcibly collected then databased, lost,
corrupted and made worthless by the government, the Libertarian option is open to each and every one of you.

Had enough? I know I have.

the Libertarian Party website to see how you can help to reverse this
immoral trend of mass surveillance and overwhelming technology enforced Statism.

visit http://lpuk.org/

They hope to bring you a manifesto as soon as possible.

you have an interest in joining us here at the Libertarian Party, or
would just like to register your support, please us the contact page on lpuk.org

If, however, you want to get involved in policy-making, general discussion and cat-herding, you can register on the Libertarian Party Forum. This is where most of the exciting stuff is happening, so wander over and introduce yourself…

If you want to know what Libertarianism is all about, see the values of the Libertarian in a nice video format.

The message to the other political parties is clear.
The United Kingdom, its Institutions, its Peoples, its Culture, Constitution and history are not for sale.

A New Year – A New Beginning.

Integrity Returns To British Politics



About IanPJ

Ian Parker-Joseph, former Leader of the Libertarian Party UK, who currently heads PDPS Internet Hosting and the Personal Deed Poll Services company, has been an IT industry professional for over 20 years, providing Business Consulting, Programme and Project Management, specialising in the recovery of Projects that have failed in a process driven world. Ian’s experience is not limited to the UK, and he has successfully delivered projects in the Middle East, Africa, US, Russia, Poland, France and Germany. Working within different cultures, Ian has occupied high profile roles within multi-nationals such as Nortel and Cable & Wireless. These experiences have given Ian an excellent insight into world events, and the way that they can shape our own national future. His extensive overseas experiences have made him all too aware of how the UK interacts with its near neighbours, its place in the Commonwealth, and how our nation fits into the wider world. He is determined to rebuild many of the friendships and commercial relationships with other nations that have been sadly neglected over the years, and would like to see greater energy and food security in these countries, for the benefit of all. Ian is a vocal advocate of small government, individual freedom, low taxation and a minimum of regulation. Ian believes deeply and passionately in freedom and independence in all areas of life, and is now bringing his professional experiences to bear in the world of politics.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    This really scary stuff, big brother at its worst, something needs to be done before this escalates into a state where Russia and China was fifty years ago without the technology.