Property Developers taking major unelected political role in Britain

The news today that almost 14,000 acres of Green Belt land – the
equivalent of 80,000 football pitches – have been lost to development
since Labour came to power, figures have shown.

Kent, Cambridgeshire and the London suburbs, where there is a high
demand for housing, have seen the greatest amount of protected
countryside disappear.

The Midlands and the North have also been affected. Nearly 4,000 acres have been lost in Leeds.

This news reinforces the fact that:.

Property Developers are the biggest donors to the Labour Party, both legally and illegally.

Property Developers are the biggest stakeholders in the Regional Assemblies

Property Developers are the biggest donors to the nefarious network of 'charities' undertaking political activity in the UK.

The break up of the UK continues, the master plan of NuLabour continues
to be rolled out much to the disadvantage of the indigenous people of
this land.

The Importing of millions of
people into the UK is I feel quite deliberate and designed to
de-stabilize the long established way of life and culture in this

British people who have been told over and over again
that British jobs will be for British people are being lied to because
this Study finds foreigners in 80pc of new jobs , we are being driven out of our livelihoods.

75,000 – CIPD net forecast for new jobs in 2008.
275,000 – CEBR forecast for jobs taken by migrant workers in 2008.

The present regime in
the UK has two masters, one is the EU the other is vested Business interest, when it comes
to the EU they too, with our Governments total compliance are beavering
away to destroy the British nation, the EU does not like the concept of
the Nation State, how is this being done, well apart from  Gordon Brown
signing away our sovereignty the EU are doing this :

My thanks to John Trenchard

The Republic of Yorkshire?

Did you know that there is an entity called Yorkshireurope and that they have an embassy in Brussels?

Avenue de Cortenbergh 118-1000 Brussels to be precise.

Even more curiously they refer to themselves as an “intelligence agency”.

They are funded by Yorkshire Forward , who's logo is curiously close to being a swastika.

One wonders, who exactly has voted for any of this?

The head of Yorkshire Forward is this guy, where his biography page declares that “He is currently Chair of Magna Holdings Ltd., a property development and investment company

hmmm… do I smell a conflict of interest?

He of course completely unelected and yet in charge of EU regional policy in Yorkshire.

Also from his bio:
“He believes that continuous learning is critical to success in a fast-changing world.”
Common Purpose?

But I disgress. Yorkshire Forward's accounts are available from here.
On page 40 we learn of an body called the “Yorkshire and Humber
Assembly” – is that the Yorkshire regional parliament? A parliament
that nobody voted for?

We learn from the (very glossy and very expensive to produce) report that :

Yorkshire Forward has 431 staff
It's budget in 2006/07 was £354 million
It's work is scrutinised by the Yorkshire Regional Assembly
note how it isn't the House of Commons doing the scrutiny

Total staffing costs for Yorkshire Forward amount to just under £18 million (page 85).

on page 97 we get acknowledgement that from 1st October 2007 Yorkshire
Forward received “delegated authority” from the DCLG.

Common Purpose appear on page 104, under the register of board members interests

Mr Riordan is the chief executive
of Yorkshire Forward. On his bio it's mentioned that he represented
“the UK in United Nations negotiations on climate change and endangered
species” despite having no qualifications in environmental science.
He's got a modern history degree from Oxford.

He has never been elected to any political office.

Getting back to the regional assembly, it's website is over here. On their assembly structures page it's mentioned that they are overseen by a “scrutiny board”.

Scrutiny Board is made up of full Assembly members and is chaired by
the Deputy Chair of the Assembly. If a review requires specialist
knowledge there is the facility to co-opt two additional members.”

So this regional assembley scrutinises itself. How convienient…

The assembly membership is available over here. Members are not elected – they are “nominated”.


Wherever possible members make decisions on the
basis of consensus. The membership is made up of 60% Local Authorities
and 40% Social, Economic and Environmental Partners.

consensus = common purpose?

The assembly will cost £2.89 million to run.

From the regional assembly meeting minutes some curious aspects are mentioned:

appears to be a deadline of sorts. And the mention of “Regional
Ministers” is interesting. I wonder who'll they'll be reporting to.

Gordon Brown announced back in July that Regional Assemblies were to be scrapped, seems like another lie from Brown and his cohorts.

2010 is the date that the European Project comes together, in all sorts of ways.

Jenny Sleep has produced a nice leaflet that is being used in the South
East Region to great effect to expose the work of SEERA (South East
Regional Assembly).  Please click here to read a copy SEERA EXPOSED


This is Balkanisation, this is EU funded, this is EU controlled, I am certain that such organizations exist all over the UK.

The Labour party wanted regional assesmblies for ENGLAND, THIS WAS THROWN OUT, REJECTED BY THE VOTER. yet here they are.

In anybody's language, this is Democracy communist style.

a country is broken up chaos ensues and it is quite possible that if
the dissolution of the UK continues  we will see within these shores a
conflict that will make Kosovo look like a kindergarten

HatTip Up Pompeii

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