1967 Drama Demonstrates the Psychology of Fascism in Action

This from Aftermathnews….

Since this movie The Wave
was based on a real experiment at a high school in 1967, you can just
ignore those who glibly claim that “it can’t happen here”.
Unfortunately, it can happen here and it IS happening here. The proof
is in the fact that I can’t even talk like this in public without the
people around me getting very disturbed and hostile. And if I were to
walk up to a group of shoppers at the mall suggesting that we live in a
fascist dictatorship, that our rights are being stripped, that private
property is under threat, that 9/11 was an inside job, that the war is
a total fraud, that global warming is a hoax designed to “unite the
world” and that our leaders on both sides are murdering terrorist
gangsters who have defrauded Americans of trillions and are pushing us
by stealth into a North-American Union and on to global government,
someone is bound to come try to shut me up while others will be afraid
to say anything lest they be attacked themselves.

Therefore, we live in a Stasi-like self-policing climate of fear and
paranoia where anyone who dares to criticize the government is seen as
a dangerous “conspiracy theorist” or even as a terrorist to be reported
to the fascist authorities at Homeland Security. And those who question
climate change are labeled as “global warming deniers”, dangerous
people who believe that the sun is warming the solar system. We are the
ones who will refuse to get sterilized or maintain one-child families.
We are the ones who will refuse to take the chip implant and the
neurotoxic injections. We are the sane ones, the ones with any sense
left in our heads, yet are believed to be crazy fanatics who are a
threat to world order. That is how brainwashed and warped people have

So group-think has taken hold in America. We are no longer a land of
individualists. We have been transformed into a bunch of robotic goons
ready to do whatever the government tells us “for our safety”. And this
is exactly what happened in Nazi Germany, and in fact it is happening
all over the world, by design. And the liberals, socialists and
“progressives” out there who know Bush and the neocons are bad, think
themselves to be the very antithesis of fascism, yet they are just as
vulnerable to it as anyone else. The Right is controlled through the
War on Terror paradigm, but the Left is controlled through the Global
Warming paradigm, two false paradigms with the same ulterior motive, to
use chaos and fear to unite the world under a global fascist

So as you watch this movie, keep in mind that anyone, of any
political persuasion, can be whipped up into a fascist mindset, even
though he sees it as something wonderful and fantastic. Hitler put it

“Through clever and constant application of propaganda, people can
be made to see paradise as hell, and also the other way around, to
consider the most wretched sort of life as paradise.”

The Wave – 46 min

1981 – Based on the real experience of a high school class in
Palo Alto, CA in April 1967, whose teacher wanted to explain the rise
of the Nazi party to his students.

See THE WAVE here.

Perhaps this should be part of the curriculum in our schools as well.


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