Foot & Mouth – 11 farms now culled, new report in Hampshire

September 22 2007 ~ 11 Surrey farms had their animals killed last week?

    A reliable source tells us that eleven farms were due to be culled out last week . Although the excellent BBC map
    shows 14 small blue squares denoting the “centre of zones” we have, in
    this September phase, only the names of Hardwick Park Farm,
    Egham, Stroude Farm, the Klondyke farm and now there is the unfortunate
    Beaumont College Farm. That is four. That leaves ten.

    See also email on Sept 18th from Hugh Boyes. The practice at DEFRA's “latest situation” page
    (last updated on Friday at 9.45 pm) seems to be to keep the names of
    farms affected secret – although journalists very soon find the names
    of the infected farms and interview their unhappy owners. But anxious
    farmers and smallholders in the area must be desperate for hard news
    and exact locations.

    One thing we do know, however, is that the
    people carrying out the killing in Surrey, (whom we refrain from
    terming vets), were unable to provide the names of valuers to owners
    waiting to have their animals given a fair price before being killed.
    The culling was subsequently delayed. Eventually a valuer from
    Worcestershire was brought in.

    We hear from someone actually on
    the vaccination team for FMD that “.. we were all sent home on Tuesday
    as they decided not go ahead at this stage.” COBRA, it seems from the
    lack of news, did not decide to go ahead at this stage either.
    Incompetence, ignorance, inhumanity and bad judgement really do seem to
    be heaped one on top of the other in this sorry state of affairs.

September 23 2007 ~ Another outbreak? 48 miles away from Egham?

    attention is drawm to yet another circular map showing a temporary
    control zone with the villages of Rogate and Trotton in West Sussex
    inside it. See the pdf of declaration and map on the defra site here

      Update 17:45 23 September
      A 3km Temporary Control Zone has today been put around a premises near
      Petersfield, Hampshire. This is a precautionary measure following an
      veterinary assessment of clinical signs. Laboratory tests are ongoing.”

    One can only hope this is another false alarm but there seems no excuse
    in a case like this for not using rapid RT-PCR. It only takes 2 hours
    and the samples don’t have to travel far to get to Pirbright. Why could
    not the initial results have been waited for before this declaration?
    RT- PCR results would surely be available by now – negative one assumes
    since there has been no further announcement.

HatTip Warmwell.

This stinks of Government incompetence and European corruption. They really do want England destroyed.

Gordon is trying very hard to keep this news out of the MSM during conference.

NuLab – Destroying Britain from the inside out.

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