Authoritarian or Libertarian – our choice

As we ponder the possibilities of being thrust into another General Election, the mainstream parties all seem to be spouting the same basic policies, the same answers and the same gravy train, the one rushing to take us to the great Authoritarian Empire known as Europe.

When we study closely the policies of the 3 main parties, irrespective of what we hear from individuals at conference, we see that the primary concerns of these parties is, Terror, Security, Health, Education, Economy, Policing, Environment and Immigration.

Listen to any mainstream politician, the answers are all the same, or as near as damn it. More regulation, more taxation, more control. Ever bigger government to oversee and supervise every aspect of our lives, backed up by billions of pounds worth of technology and an army of snotty nosed local officials who want to ban everything, criminalise everyone, charge for everything and tax everything they can get away with.

The people have been forgotten. We are in the way, we are a nuisance, clearly evident in the debate over the EU Constitutional Treaty. The people are just the milch cow for more and more taxation.

These policies are right in as much as its what the people want discussing, but the answers are wrong.
We don't want bigger government, we don't want more intrusive government, we don't want government control over everything.

So when we consider who to vote for in any new election, think carefully, because it may be the last election this country ever sees.

The choices are no longer between Tories and Labour, perhaps with a protest vote for the LibDems, because they have all melded into a mirror image of each other.

Are you not sick of being told how you can live, what you can eat, what you can watch, what you can say and be ignored when you want to respond. That is Authoritarianism.

It has now become a straight forward fight, a fight between bigger and more authoritarian government, or government being put back in its place whereby they work for the people, where they govern over things that matter at a high level such as defence, the economy and a national health service, but in every other way butt out of our lives.

We only have 2 clear choices in politics today, between being governed or being ruled, which means:

Authoritarianism or Libertarianism.

Virtually all other political talk is a diversion, smoke and mirrors to hide the real politics.

Don't understand the difference?
For Authoritarian values see 2010, or see the values of the Libertarian in a nice video format


Perhaps we could start with a new Bill of Rights, framed along Libertarian lines.

Watch out for news of the new Libertarian Party.

About IanPJ

Ian Parker-Joseph, former Leader of the Libertarian Party UK, who currently heads PDPS Internet Hosting and the Personal Deed Poll Services company, has been an IT industry professional for over 20 years, providing Business Consulting, Programme and Project Management, specialising in the recovery of Projects that have failed in a process driven world. Ian’s experience is not limited to the UK, and he has successfully delivered projects in the Middle East, Africa, US, Russia, Poland, France and Germany. Working within different cultures, Ian has occupied high profile roles within multi-nationals such as Nortel and Cable & Wireless. These experiences have given Ian an excellent insight into world events, and the way that they can shape our own national future. His extensive overseas experiences have made him all too aware of how the UK interacts with its near neighbours, its place in the Commonwealth, and how our nation fits into the wider world. He is determined to rebuild many of the friendships and commercial relationships with other nations that have been sadly neglected over the years, and would like to see greater energy and food security in these countries, for the benefit of all. Ian is a vocal advocate of small government, individual freedom, low taxation and a minimum of regulation. Ian believes deeply and passionately in freedom and independence in all areas of life, and is now bringing his professional experiences to bear in the world of politics.
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