Stupid British

A quote from Paul Mcmullan in The People, 16 September 2007

Picturesque Cherbourg in Normandy has been overrun by thugs […]
Police chiefs and the ferry firms claim they are powerless to cope with
hordes of aggressive young men from Iraq, Iran, Syria and Afghanistan
Break into camper vans armed with knives to force their way on board ferries.
Sneak into the backs of British caravans and car boots.
Co-ordinate raids on lorries by mobile phone.
Throw rocks and pull knives on anyone near their tented city.

[…] Cherbourg police chief Brigadier Anne-Sophie Renan admitted to The People:
“The Iraqi asylum seekers are extremely aggressive. […]” Many of the
asylum seekers claim to be escaping the carnage in Iraq and Afghanistan
but their taste for violence would make them handy recruits for the
Taliban. […] The tented camps are less than 50 miles from beaches
where British troops fought their way ashore on D-Day in the Second
World War.

When our investigator asked one man why he needed to go to Britain
when he was already on safe European soil he replied: “I have been
turned down in France. The English are soft and stupid and give me a
flat, money and new clothes and food.” Moments after the remark that
disgraced the sacrifices of British troops, our man had to flee a fresh
bombardment of rocks.

(source Brussels Journal.)

Perhaps they all want to go to Cambridgeshire. and perhaps Gordon will call upon the services of the EGF paramilitary police to help.

If the French can turn them down, why can't we ???

If we let these thugs in, then Brown's government have no excuse for not letting the Iraqi Interpreters come to Britain, they at least have put their lives on the line for us.

What we are seeing is the 'Onus of responsibility' in action.

By asking whether the Iraqi Interpreters can come to Britain, the onus of responsibility is on those making the request to prove that they have good reason to come to Britain and can be turned down.
But by being a thug and coming to Britain illegally, the onus of responsibility falls upon the British Government to justify kicking them out, which the HRA says we cannot do.

Britain – Where good law abiding citizens get shat on by the law and government every day.
Britain – Where illegality pays.

NuLab – Destroying Britain from the inside out.


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