FMV in Egham – VLA labs within 3km zone.

As well as being almost unbelievably cruel, the situation is
seeming curiouser and curiouser… Can it be coincidence that the exclusion
zone this time also contains government labs? 

And one is beginning to wonder abut the properties of a
virus strain that can jump from Pirbright to the VLA Veterinary
Laboratories Agency
of Statutory and Exotic Bacterial Diseases, Veterinary Laboratories Agency, Addlestone,
Surrey KT15 3NB) – if this is indeed the same strain (and we have passed the
conservative maximum 30 days incubation time since the last confirmed case).

A correspondent reminds us that it was (in 1967) highly
unusual for animals infected by the original 1967 virus to “collapse”
– as the owner of the 2nd IP at the last outbreak said his did. 

We know that Pirbright has been working with GM viruses,
with possibly anthrax, which is very fast acting, virulent and causes collapse
of the animal which is experimentally infected. This, together with questions
raised in August about the curiously large number of animals found to be
infected, rather than the more normal ripple of a few per cent through the
herd, makes one wonder what now to expect of this virus.

This farm, we now know, has several locations. Could DEFRA
have missed an outbreak since the 7th of August? 

The EU was going to allow UK
exports of meat and animals again today. Many abroad will be relieved that it
was not. According to the OIE guideline, one ought to wait three months before
the FMD free status is regained.

This outbreak is just 6 km from Heathrow, where there is a
lot of movement of vehicles and persons going on. What everyone is wondering is
whether this is a new introduction or related to the outbreaks near Pirbright.
That should be clear by now..


BBC Radio / TV News and
Newsnight do not mention existence of VLA labs within the 3 Km Egham exclusion
zone. Farm adjacent to outbreak is undergoing a cull of 200 cattle and 300

The causative strain of FMV has not been fully decoded but
is an “O” series – the final results will be known in the morning.
Paradoxically the testing is being udertaken at NIAH Pirbright.

Not a peep from Mr Benn – but BBC
TV news showed CVO Debbie announcing, pleased as Punch last week that FMV had
been exterminated in the UK
in 2007. 

report traffic gridlock for hours – woman gives birth in traffic. All
traffic is being diverted.

Now why would Plod divert traffic for FMV ? How very odd.
Headline is – “Traffic gridlock around foot and mouth exclusion zone”


NuLab – Destroying Britain from the inside out.


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    Some interesting – if rather chilling ideas.