New EU Paramilitary Police could eventually patrol UK

BRUSSELS has set up a new EU paramilitary police force which could eventually patrol the streets of Britain.

European Gendarmerie Force (EGF) is the first police organisation to
come under the direct control of the EU and is seen by some as another
step towards the creation of a superstate. 

The 5,000-strong force, designed to deal with big civil disturbances, has just completed its training in Italy.

comprises paramilitary police officers from Italy, France, Portugal,
Spain and Holland. The force will “first and foremost be at the
disposal of the EU”. 

Initially the EGF’s main role will be on international missions but it could be deployed within the EU. 

last night warned that the force could eventually patrol the streets of
Britain if Gordon Brown signs up to the new EU constitution, which will
lead to more common working on justice and home affairs and defence

Farage, leader of the UK Independence Party, described the new force as
“sinister”. He said: “It is not at all clear to me why the EU needs its
own police force. 

fact that this is being set up before the constitution has been signed
is a pretty worrying sign. Gordon Brown may claim to have an opt-out on
justice and home affairs but all the opt-outs in the past have

worry is that these foreign police, controlled by Brussels, could be
seen on the streets of Britain. That is a pretty scary prospect.” 

Dick-Erikson, a British constitutional lawyer who lives in Italy, said
the Continental models of paramilitary police were completely alien to
British policing traditions.

“Having different nationalities drilling side by side is clearly part of a plan to create a European police force,” he said.

Continental neighbours have a different history from ours and do not
share many of our traditions, in particular our traditions of policing.
In a merger their voices will prevail over ours and our traditions will
be erased and their traditions will be imposed on us.

best way to stop these fellows demonstrating their skills on a High
Street near you is to make sure that people in Britain know what is
going on and put pressure on politicians to hold a referendum before
ratifying any EU treaty covering justice and home affairs.” 

setting up of the EGF stems from decisions taken by EU defence
ministers seven years ago. Its mission is: “To perform all kinds of
police functions in crisis management operations.”

new force has a permanent headquarters in Vicenza, Italy, where
thousands of officers have undergone extensive training in  tackling
major incidents. 

continue to wear their own uniforms but sport an EGF armband showing a
grey flaming grenade on a sword against a blue background.

logo is said to represent “the common military roots of the police
forces involved”. Last night the Foreign Office  said there were no
circumstances in which the EGF could be deployed in Britain.

spokesman said: “The EGF is an initiative of five EU member states. It
is not an EU proposal or agency and has been set up outside of EU
structures. There is no connection with the European Reform Treaty.”


Could it be that the 'colleagues' in Brussels are expecting that the people of Europe having been disenfranchised, logged, tagged and herded could possibly decide to make their feelings known and are therefore planning for 'major civil disturbances'.

Whatever they tell you today, be sure it will be used for something else tomorrow.


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