as Al Queda threat wears thin government seeks new bogey men

Following the departure of John Reid from the Home Office the daily diatribe of Al Queda threats has fallen away sharply, so new bogey men need to be found.

We have always considered that the real threat from Al Queda is not as great as the IRA threats of years ago, yet the disproportionate response to Al Queda (the CIA database) has affected every new law over the past 10 years, impinged upon our quality of life and the way in which the government allows us to travel, find work and conduct our financial affairs.

It would appear that this trailing off of the Al Queda threat is due to the tiredness of the message, the lack of belief, the peoples response as they see government being dishonest and corrupt, especially when it comes to hiding key facts, such as the unwillingness to hold inquiries into key events such as the 7/7 bombings in London, that many still consider to be government sponsored. (what could they possibly want to hide that an enquiry may bring to light).

As the willingness of the British people to swallow the Al Queda threat diminishes, new bogey men need to be found by government to make the people believe that we are still under threat in order to complete their agenda.

We have spoken of this before, how governments must make its population believe that they are under constant threat in order to make them malleable to new and ever more restrictive government policies.

So, what we are now seeing is the Russian and Chinese governments being put up as the bad guys.

Here, in the Telegraph is the story of the Russian diplomats who are all involved in spying. All I have to say about this is that not a single word is accredited to a real person. Its the 'Whitehall spokesperson' again.
No facts, just unattributed rumour.

Even the story of the Chinese government hackers breaking into Whitehall computer systems in 2005, yes 2005 not even this week but 2 years ago, is unattributed to any named individual, and was a re-run of this story in the Guardian from 2006.

This follows on from an event in the US, which they have blamed on China, saying that they were most likely the perps, which was then picked up by Germany who also claimed the Chinese had tried to hack them.

Latest story in the Telegraph gives no named officials, only spokespersons or unnamed officials.

Again, no proof, no facts, just unattributed rumours.

It is the same old government spin that we have had before, keeping up the threat to the country. This time it is designed to allow government to place curbs on the use of the internet, as Chinese hacker stories increase, and ways to keep our military tied up as Russian stories continue.

We have written time and time again, that this government is using old dictators methods in order to control the population here, and it seems they are still using the same methods.
As we get closer to 2010 and the ratification of the Constitutional Treaty, expect this government and the 'Colleagues' in Brussels to step up the anti.

NuLab – Destroying Britain from the inside out.


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