Belgium breakdown could spell War in Europe

The break up of Belgium. As each day passes, the King and the Council of State (CoS) pontificate over the future of Belgium and the Nationalist parties call for Belgium to divide get louder.

The obvious is the annexing of the two largest regions, Flanders into Holland and Wallonia into France, which would in all essence leave Brussels as a region with no home.

This would create a power vacuum that needs to be filled, but could it filled with danger.

The 'Colleagues' would see this as an opportunity.

They would have within their power the ability to create a capital state, in the same way that Washington sits within the District of Columbia (DC) and the Australian capital Canberra sits within the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

Brussels would therefore become a state in its own right. A true capital of a new super state.

Americans and Europeans should ask themselves how that would upset the status quo, with not only the EU being head quartered in Brussels, but also NATO.


Over half the inhabitants of the Brussels region are of foreign origin, and growing at an alarming rate, many of them from Morocco. Mr. Thielemans’s Parti Socialiste (PS) caters for the Muslim immigrants. The PS is the largest party in Brussels. Ten of its 17 members on Brussels's municipal council are Muslims. They do not tolerate criticism of their religion and they approve of the “Islamization of Europe” – a process which is well on its way in the “capital of Europe.”

Brussels an independent state!, Capital of Europe!, with a Muslim majority!.

How long would it take before Brussels was declared an Islamic state. – EURABIA.

How would the 27 member states react being tied by treaty to the supremacy of Brussels if it was an Islamic state.

Sharia Law is something the peoples of Europe would never accept. The breakdown of Belgium is much more dangerous for all of us than we are being told.

Belgium it seems is doing little to stem the rise of Islamic fundamentalism in its country, nor to stop or slow down immigration, as this article from Wisdom from the Realm shows.

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Ian Parker-Joseph, former Leader of the Libertarian Party UK, who currently heads PDPS Internet Hosting and the Personal Deed Poll Services company, has been an IT industry professional for over 20 years, providing Business Consulting, Programme and Project Management, specialising in the recovery of Projects that have failed in a process driven world. Ian’s experience is not limited to the UK, and he has successfully delivered projects in the Middle East, Africa, US, Russia, Poland, France and Germany. Working within different cultures, Ian has occupied high profile roles within multi-nationals such as Nortel and Cable & Wireless. These experiences have given Ian an excellent insight into world events, and the way that they can shape our own national future. His extensive overseas experiences have made him all too aware of how the UK interacts with its near neighbours, its place in the Commonwealth, and how our nation fits into the wider world. He is determined to rebuild many of the friendships and commercial relationships with other nations that have been sadly neglected over the years, and would like to see greater energy and food security in these countries, for the benefit of all. Ian is a vocal advocate of small government, individual freedom, low taxation and a minimum of regulation. Ian believes deeply and passionately in freedom and independence in all areas of life, and is now bringing his professional experiences to bear in the world of politics.
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