UNCONFIRMED RUMOUR: What's happening on Tuesday?

As reported on Dizzy Thinks

Some crazy rumours flying around about Labour MPs rushing back from
holidays, newspaper advert order being placed, and Number 10 driving
something or other for a Tuesday deadline.

Could be nonsense designed
to get CCHQ into a spin over a bad poll, or is Gordon Brown about to
really surprise everyone and blow-out the entire conference season?

Iain Dale is also reporting today that he has been hearing things about strange activities in Whitehall,
with meetings being cancelled, diaries being cleared and newspaper
adverts being booked.

Apparently they are using different sources although the result is remarkably similar, indicating that something big is in the air for next Tuesday.

This could be the announcement of an October election, as Iain suggests October 4 or 11th are most favourable, ahead of the IGC meeting on the 18th, which would let Brown off the hook for calling a referendum.

Even if he were to exclude the European Constitution from his manifesto, but then go on to win the election it would be taken as the go ahead to give our country away.

If you want to see what interests your MP has you can download the PDF of members interests (28th Aug 07).

Strange to note that the Parliament website found it fitting to publish notes on the Parliament Act today, its history and usage (Solving disagreement between the Commons and the Lords). Is this some kind of veiled warning to us all I wonder. What is Gordon Brown going to try to ram through.

UPDATE: Latest thoughts are that Gordon Brown is about to announce a referendum. Much of the speculation is being driven by strange events, such as Milliband refusing to rule out a referendum this morning, and the call by Keith Vaz of all people in favour of one.

It was clear that some sort of smoke and mirrors exercise was underway.

Expect this to the loaded in the government's favour, probably designed to get people to choose our future within in the EU rather than the treaty specifically. NuLab will probably promote this as the UK being a leader and decision maker within the EU and suggest that this treaty will make us stronger in that context. This is of course total bunkum.


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