It Is Indeed the Constitution

It is really getting quite untenable for British Prime Minister Gordon Brown to continue pretending that the new European treaty is not the Constitution, hence no referendum is needed. Yesterday the Conference of Presidents, the organising body of the European Parliament, had its first meeting after the summer recess. And what was on the agenda?

Conference of Presidents
Thursday 30 August 2007

Organisational arrangements for the ‘Citizens’ Forum’/Agora meetings in 2007

The Conference agreed to postpone the holding of the first Citizens’ forum on the Constitutional Treaty issues from 18-19 October to 8-9 November 2007. [My Italics]

So it now seems that even the institutions of the European Union have
given up pretending that the new treaty is not the Constitution but the
“Reform Treaty” or that, as we are told by Brown, Milliband et al, it was just a tidying up exercise with all constitutional aspects removed.

HatTip Brussels Journal

This interesting piece from Daily Referendum now highlights the number of Labour MP's who believe a referendum is the right way for Gordon Brown to go.

Labour MP Keith Vaz calls for a referendum on the EU Treaty.

There is a Pro referendum Rally taking place in London on SATURDAY 27TH
OCTOBER 2007. There will be 4 separate rally routes into London –
North, South, East and West, converging at Trafalgar Square, proceeding
up The Mall and culminating in Hyde Park (the only venue in central
London capable of accommodating this size of rally +500,000).

For further information about the Rally and to register your support, visit the Pro Referendum Rally Website by clicking HERE.

You can also sign the E-Petition asking for a Referendum on the EU Treaty by clicking HERE.

NuLab – Destroying Britain from the inside out.


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