The beginning of Gordons downfall…

Ministers have been taken aback by the 24-hour strike by prison officers.
But they should not have.

The POA national executive took their vote 2 weeks ago, so government was well aware that a strike would take place if they did not talk to them.

This government has been accused by many of being distant, no longer listening, no longer engaging in the discussions with interest groups and the public at large. It has been accused by the TUC of abandoning Labours roots, the working people.

Like all talks, unless they are weighted in the governments favour, this government just ignores them, and in this case goes straight to law.  Like talks with nurses and doctors, Firemen or even listening to the voice of the people over the smoking ban, hunting ban, a call for a referendum of the European constitution treaty, not just by the people but by big Unions.

So could today's industrial action by the POA be the beginning of more strikes, even civil disorder over some of the more draconian laws, as government continues to ram through new laws, new quangos, new rules, new layers of government, despite the majority of people disagreeing with them.

It is only the will of the people that gives government its authority to govern, without that authority it will be unable to govern.

This government is now unable to govern. The people are fed up with the nannying, fed up with the immigration, fed up with the lawlessness, fed up with the lying from Westminster, fed up with the corruption, and they want their country back.

They want to be free to eat, drink and smoke what they like. They don't want an unelected numpty from Scotland telling them what to do.

Gordon, you have ignored them, and now The Working Classes, the wealth creators, the taxpayers, want their country back

Simon Heffer describes all that is wrong with socialism today so much better than I can.

and Tony Sharp clearly points out that NuLab have nothing left to offer except negative campaigning.

Taxpayers Alliance gives a much more detailed analysis of how Gordon's economics are unravelling.

NuLab – Destroying Britain from the inside out.


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Ian Parker-Joseph, former Leader of the Libertarian Party UK, who currently heads PDPS Internet Hosting and the Personal Deed Poll Services company, has been an IT industry professional for over 20 years, providing Business Consulting, Programme and Project Management, specialising in the recovery of Projects that have failed in a process driven world. Ian’s experience is not limited to the UK, and he has successfully delivered projects in the Middle East, Africa, US, Russia, Poland, France and Germany. Working within different cultures, Ian has occupied high profile roles within multi-nationals such as Nortel and Cable & Wireless. These experiences have given Ian an excellent insight into world events, and the way that they can shape our own national future. His extensive overseas experiences have made him all too aware of how the UK interacts with its near neighbours, its place in the Commonwealth, and how our nation fits into the wider world. He is determined to rebuild many of the friendships and commercial relationships with other nations that have been sadly neglected over the years, and would like to see greater energy and food security in these countries, for the benefit of all. Ian is a vocal advocate of small government, individual freedom, low taxation and a minimum of regulation. Ian believes deeply and passionately in freedom and independence in all areas of life, and is now bringing his professional experiences to bear in the world of politics.
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