Zarkozy urged to annex french speaking Belgian province

In a move reminiscent of pre war 1930's politics, yesterday the conservative French newspaper Le Figaro published a column by Alexandre Adler
in which Adler urged the French President Sarkozy to prepare for the
annexation of Wallonia by France.

Adler said Sarkozy should not miss
this historic opportunity “to govern an enlarged France.” He referred
to the example of former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, who in 1990
grabbed the opportunity to incorporate East Germany into the German
Federal Republic. Last week a survey in the Netherlands showed 77% of the Dutch in favour of reuniting the Netherlands and Flanders.

For the past two days King Albert II of Belgium has been consulting the
members of the Crown Council. He is seeking their help to solve what
the Royal Palace itself calls the Belgian “political crisis.” The
members of the Crown Council, the so-called “Ministers of State,” are
unelected. They have been appointed by the King at his own discretion.
Most of the “Ministers of State” are former politicians, though they
also include representatives from the Belgian establishment.
On 10 June the Belgians went to the polls to elect a new Parliament.
Instead of seeing their elected representatives dealing with the
country’s political problems and putting a government together – as
would be the case in democratic countries – they now see an unelected
official, the King, and a group of unelected “wise” men, most of them
politicians from the last century, usurp the duties of their elected

Belgium is a multinational state, the model for the European Union project
to turn Europe into a single multinational state. It is made up of 60%
Dutch-speaking, free-market oriented Flemings in the north and 40%
French-speaking, predominantly Socialist Walloons in the south, with a small German speaking enclave to the east.

Flemish economic output per person is 124 percent of the EU average,
and there is growing resentment that Flemish taxes are being used to
subsidize the poorer French-speaking south, where economic output is 90
percent of the EU average.

Read the full story on the Brussels Journal

Are we seeing the beginning of the political chaos that befell Europe in the lead up to the second world war, which in this case we can only hope will lead to the downfall of the European Project and the plans of the 'colleagues'.

Will Germany now make a grab for the German speaking part of Belgium ?

The unravelling of Belgium is a slow, non-violent process, and has sometimes been called “Yugoslavia in slow motion.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Bit like the UK – England getting increasingly fed up of subsidising poorer neighbours and the union slowly breaking up with unelected ministers ruling the country.