UK Government to sell out Military to European Empire

The Labour government is mounting an assault on our Military,
as government as a whole is now gearing itself to become a formal part of the
European Empire. 

Like all NuLab campaigns of change it takes on a drip, drip,
drip approach, so that the majority of the changes go unnoticed. 

This assault primarily takes 2 forms. The degradation of the
armed services as a whole including the sapping of the moral of those in the
services, and the politicisation of the establishment, which will soon lead to
constitutional abandonment.

Firstly there is the relegation of respect for our service
men and women on many fronts. 

There has been a series of closures of military
such as hospitals, repair yards, training establishments etc, adding
on the military structure, and allow the outsourcing of vital services
private companies. The poor housing conditions for service families,
treating wounded returnees like lepers with no priority in the NHS
system and only limited support services. They have broken the Military Covenant.

Our latest capital ships, such as the type 45 Destroyers and the 2 new super carriers, will never carry the White Ensign, because by the time they are built, sea trialled and commissioned, they will be carrying the European ring of stars.

There has been the downsizing of the regimental structures,
doing away with some of the oldest and proudest regiments, with the amalgamation
and forming of new and generic regiments, destroying vital and loyal
associations in the process. 

A catalogue of poor support for our services in the field,
bad equipment, bad purchasing, lack of supplies, inadequate armoured vehicles, not
enough personnel in theatre.

We have seen all too clearly that despite the calls from
senior officers for more men and equipment, the lies from the MOD are ever
present, spinning their way out of public disquiet, whilst letting our troops
die in the name of an ideology. This has been accompanied with selective media ‘reporting’
on our failures, but virtually nothing of our successes. 

But even that ideology is an embarrassment to Government, as
can be clearly seen by their intransigence over the Ghurkha applications to the
UK, the ongoing campaign to bring Iraqi interpreters back to the UK and now the
denial of medals for the front line troops in Afghanistan to the point where
they are even banned from wearing their NATO issued medals. An ideology that
cannot be seen to reward troops for killing Muslims, even if they are


Why is this government appearing to be ashamed of our
fighting men and women?.

It is becoming ever more
clear that this is because this government knows full well that what they are
doing is wrong, by selling our nation to foreign powers, committing a treason,  they need to keep them fully occupied,
stretched and overseas for clear political reasons.


The second and
more fundamental assault is the political one. This is where the government, gearing
itself and getting ready for integration with the European Empire needs to take
political control of the military, but in order to effect that change, further
constitutional changes are required to make that happen. 

All members of the Army and Royal Air Force swear allegiance
to the Queen.

The oath of allegiance our armed force's take is to Queen
first then Country.

This is the present Governments biggest problem.


The Sovereign is Head of the Armed Forces and only he or she
can declare war and peace.

This dates from the times when the monarch was responsible for raising,
maintaining and equipping the Army and Navy, and often leading them into
battle, although the last king to lead his troops into battle was George II in
1743. Aged 60, he took the field for the last time, defeating the French at the
Battle of Dettingen in Germany.

Nowadays these powers cannot be exercised on the monarch's own initiative,
but only on the advice of responsible Ministers. The Bill of Rights (1689)
declared that “the raising or keeping of a standing army within the
Kingdom in time of peace, unless it be with the consent of Parliament, is
against the law”.

The existences of the Army (raised as a series
of different regiments by colonels) and the Royal Air Force are legally based
on the Army and Air Force Acts of 1955 and previous Parliamentary Acts. Their continued existence depends on annual
Continuation Orders passed by Parliament.

On enlistment, the Acts require members of the Army, Royal Air Force and
Royal Marines (who operate ashore under the Army Act) to take an oath of
allegiance to the monarch as Head of the Armed Forces.

Those for whom it is against their religion to take oaths, and those who are of
no religion, affirm instead of swearing an oath.

The Royal Navy, the senior service, was formed hundreds of years ago, and its existence stems
from the Sovereign's prerogative. Members of the Navy have never therefore been
required to take the oath. Hence the name Royal Navy or Queens Navy.

The original White Ensign (correctly the St George's Ensign) consisted of a red St George's Cross on a white field with the Cross of St George in the upper canton. In 1707, following the political union of England and Scotland, the ensign came to bear the Union Flag in the top corner as they do
this day. In 1801 the additional red diagonal of St Patrick's Cross was
added. .

The oath of allegiance is sworn to the monarch, rather than to Parliament,
which might be confused with the political party in power at the time. 

This reaffirmation of loyalty to the Sovereign, as Head of
State, also ensures that the loyalty of servicemen and women as serving members
of the Armed Services, regardless of their personal political beliefs, is not
given to any one political party, but to the country in the form of the Head of
State. (source).


This government sees
that as a problem and intends to change it

It has already begun this change by installing a
1000 person
strong political element into the MOD, primarily acting under the guise
official spokespersons and media operations. These are the people who
are providing
the weasel words for the part time Defence Minister, creating the MOD
spin to all the operations, hiding the casualty figures, issuing
gagging orders about military blogs and make the final decisions based
government policy over everything from equipment disbursements to the
of medals.

The next move by government to sell the sovereignty of our
military as well as our country will be to make amendments to the Army and Air
Force Acts of 1955, remove Royal Colonel in Chiefs from the regiments, and stop
the Continuation Orders.

This will have the effect of removing the Crown as head of
the Armed forces and allow government to move overall command of the Armed Services
to the European Empire.

The Royal Navy however will present more of a constitutional
challenge, simply because it belongs to the Queen, not the nation, and as such
cannot be simply moved by act of parliament.

This will bring the Government into direct conflict with The
Bill of Rights (1689) so I fully expect that at the appropriate time, government will
suspend the Bill of Rights completely, and take full political control of the
Armed Forces.

Expect a long and protracted disinformation and propaganda
campaign by government against both the Military and the Crown. We will see the
sustained emergence in the press and on TV of those calling for the abolition
of the Monarchy, whilst simultaneously mass propaganda will try to sell the
benefits of a larger and more integrated European Army, Navy and Air Forces as part of Eurocorps.

This raises more questions: like investing so much in two large(ish) ships (the super carriers) indicates clearly that they
are intended for a continental navy. There will be little left if any for any
sort of U.K. navy. So we wonder who keeps the E.U. master navy plan? and who will hold the nuclear keys of what is currently the British and French nuclear arsenal.

This government has tried ripping the guts and the will to resist out of
the general population with so far mixed effect, but in order to meet the
timetable laid down by the ‘colleagues’ in the European Empire, the pressure will increase and it will soon be
the turn of those who put their lives on the line defending us to feel that pressure.

For me, it is both sad and frustrating to see the demise of Britain in
this way, relegated to a second rate has been power, watching our
military sinking to the poverty nation standards being set by
politicians, buying off our Generals and Admirals like a banana state
with as much money on their swivel chairs and marble stairs at the Ministry Of Defeatism Defence
as they are spending on equipment for our soldiers fighting and dying
in the field.

Bring our troops home, the people of Britain need
them to defend us, the people of these islands from the Traitors in
government who would sign away our sovereignty and heritage to foreign
powers in Europe.

Without a referendum on Europe, this
government has no mandate and goes against the wishes of its people,
and history teaches us all, over and over again, that peoples who are
forced against their will to be ruled by others will eventually fight
back. Yugoslavia has taught this government nothing.

When the
people of these isles finally say NO to Europe and declare enough is
enough, we have to ask the Generals and Admirals who have sworn allegiance to the
crown whether they would be willing to deal with free born Englishmen, Scots and the Welsh
like they do Iraqis.?

When will this happen?

Just like the ratification of the European Constitution, the ID cards,
the NIR, the NDNAD, all e-Passports, the enhanced PNC/Interpol system,
MI5's Scope project, the Home Office C-Nomis project, the Childrens Register Contactpoint, Terminal 5 at Heathrow, the e-borders system, the DWP Customer Information system, the NHS NPfIT, it will all
come together in 2009/2010 to become one huge interactive database system. The same date that your bank and credit cards will expire.

2010 is the date that everything
is working towards, in the UK,
in Brussels, in Paris,
Berlin, Rome,
Strasburg, in Washington, in Montreal,
in Canberra and Tokyo.
They are all working together towards a brave new world, beginning in 2010.

As the EC itself says about eInclusion Destination 2010: 'all citizens, especially the disadvantaged, benefit from eGovernment'.- in other words, if your not on the databases, no work, no services, no money.

There are no Red Lines here !!. Just a New World Order.

NuLab – Destroying Britain from the inside out.

Update; As part of the ongoing campaign on behalf of the Iraqi employees seeking asylum, you can catch Radio 5 Live's interview with Dan Hardie, available via Ministry of Truth.

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