The Cheney Affair – link with Brown

Now that mainstream media bias is an established
fact and recognized as such by the mainstream reading and viewing
public, the revelation of Vice President Dick Cheney's total unilateral
control over all levels and branches of American government has not
only raised eyebrows and concerns of dictatorship, but for those
politically astute, begs the question as to why theWashington Post
would be the journalistic vehicle to publish the four-part June 24
through June 27 series exposing this reality.

The Post's publisher, Donald E. Graham, has once
again participated in the annual secret Bilderberg conclave, the latter
the principal organizational player whose membership is made up of
extremely high-level international bankers, mass media publishers,
corporatists in both the oil industry and the military-industrial
complex, and other principal international political movers and
shakers. Bilderberg's primary objective is a one world global
government, the New World Order. And the NWO will be phased in via the
European and then the North American Union. (note the date 2010 in this link).

Is it safe to say that the most recent Bilderberg
<>meeting, held in Istanbul May
31 to June 3rd, considered the most vital issues confronting future
global government? And of course, those issues would have been 1) Iraq,
and 2) Iran. It is clear that American, British and Israeli control
over Mid East oil is definitely on the agenda in their lockstep,
jackboot march to deliver US all to the New World Order. This
triumvirate is the world's “real axis of evil.”

Mountain ranges of corporate money have been
provided to Congress by lobbyists and corporatists representing the oil
industry, military weapons contractors, AIPAC, banking and media
interests, to not only buy into American government, but to where their
“investments” have now facilitated total control of America. They have
replaced what was once reserved as the exclusive representative domain
of the people of the United States, which allowed the latter their
collective voice in government. And the people's representatives, after
abandoning America's interests, have turned over congressional
war-making powers to Bush, who has in turn delegated virtually all of
his presidential duties to Vice President Richard B. Cheney. And
Cheney-Bush are profiting personally via heavy investment interests in
oil and an oil support industry giant [Halliburton].

Constitutionally speaking, the Office of Vice
President of the United States of America has no duties. This
inefficate position in the executive branch serves only as President of
the Senate, and then functions legislatively only in an extremely
narrow capacity to break a deadlocked vote. Complaints about the
“do-nothing” status of the vice president's role and function date back
toAmerica's first Vice President, John Adams.

Considering the absence of constitutionally mandated
responsibilities, it should be clear that at least from a regulatory
and legal standpoint, there's little to nothing a vice president can do
wrong; he has, basically, no executive branch functions. And it is for
this reason that Congressman Dennis Kucinich's House Resolution 333,
seemed at first, to be a wrong-headed exercise in partisan politics
hand wringing.

But that was before the Washington Post launched its
four-part series. The Post is a nationally recognized bastion of the
American mass media. It is the paper of Watergate
fame, the paper of Bradlee, Bernstein and Woodward. And considering all
that the Cheney-Bush regime has done to launch NWO, the attempted
legalization of Mexican illegals, the private “negotiations” between
Bush and the heads of Canada and Mexico to dissolve totally our borders
to create a North American Union, the United States' unilateral
abolition of the Geneva Conventions and other international treaties
ensuring and protecting the sovereignty of independent nations, why
would Graham's Washington Post now attack Bilderberg's “dream team?”

Obviously, something is up with the planners and
conspirators maneuvering the human race into a one world global
government. The Post series, written by staff writers Barton Gellman
and Jo Becker, would never have been allowed off the ground and would
have never been accorded so much focus unless it was sanctioned and
possibly even urged by the Bilderbergs. And consider the appearance of
the series so shortly after the latter's annual secret meeting. So
what's up?

Read the full article on Global Research here.

Read the full Washington Post series here.

Now before you think, ah but this is just to do with America. Stop.

It has everything to do with the UK, with Europe, because the same approach, the same tools, the same false flags, the same laws have been taken here.

As we now know, Gordon Brown has been running the UK from behind the scenes for the past 10 years, with Tony Blair just introducing legislation at the behest of Brown and providing the front, it makes an awful lot of sense, that the same legislation based upon National Security, fear of terror and draconian Authoriarian responses. 26,000 pieces of legislation, 3000 new criminal offences all aimed to erode the will of the people and to effect changes to the constitution enabling total power by government.

Think back and remember the amount of time that Blair and Brown and their cabal of advisers spent in the USA before they were elected in May 1997, most of it spent with Cheney and his team.

There is, and always has been one plan, and the plan will come together in 2010. (there will be another posting re 2010).


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