Red Ken's War on Motorists!

TfL have published their plans
to significantly change the way that the London Congestion Charge
works, by basing it on the level of pollution a vehicle causes: the
most polluting ones would be charged £25/day to drive into central
London, dropping to £8 for less polluting and there being no charge fro
the cleanest ones.

The consultation documents can be obtained here and here (both PDFs).

When I wrote about this back in February, people tried to trash the idea, and Livingston s people denied it. More lies. I said then:

In the first move
to use the IPCC report and the Stern Review to raise money on ‘green taxes’ the
London Mayor Ken Livingston under approval from the Treasury has prepared a
bill for parliament to start charging based upon exhaust emissions in London.

The scheme will
charge drivers £25 per day, will cost £600million to set up, but deliver just a
0.3% improvement on air quality, and is clearly seen as again using motorists as
a cash cow by imposing yet another stealth tax and hiding it behind a green

This is also tied in with the extension of the use of Traffic Cameras in London, which will now be placed out as far as the M25 on the major trunk routes into the capital, such as the A4/M4, A3, A2, A40, A11 and A12.

The people of London deserve better than this, as do those who visit and travel into work in the capital. How much longer are we going to let this government and the Mayor of London rob the public like the Sherrif of Nottingham.

Why do we put up with Liars, Thieves and Robbers. London deserves better.

Time to back Boris !!

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