Why were Levy, Turner and Evans not DNA tested

From the current edition of Private Eye:

complaints about “Gestapo-like” tactics pursued by police investigating
the cash-for-honours affair, it seems that the trio arrested by
Inspector Knacker -Lord Levy, Ruth Turner and Sir Christopher Evans – may have been treated more favourably than most suspected villains.

For the past three years police have routinely taken DNA samples from people they arrest and added them to the national database, even if they are completely innocent. When the Eye
phoned Scotland Yard to confirm that the cash-for-honours trio had
indeed been treated like most other suspects, a spokeswoman said:
“Taking DNA does not happen in every case.”

We also asked Lord Levy's
office, Tony's Blair [sic] new office (where Ms Turner now works) and
Sir Christopher's office at his Merlin Biosciences company. Reply came
there none.”

As you may remember, Tony Blair and the
then Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt were also questioned, but I would
bet that the same policy exception will have been extended to them too.

In the New World Order, it appears that only the great unwashed are subjected to the humiliating rights busting DNA testing.

HatTip Robin Wilton

This follows on from the ACPO statement yesterday, where they indicated that they were against further extending the reasons for DNA testing, but when we read the list of Chief Police officers that indicate that they DO want it extended, we think that the ACPO is throwing us a red herring.

NuLab – Destroying Britain from the inside out.

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    Thanks, Ian. Sorry it took me a while to spot your citation…
    Best wishes,
    Robin Wilton